Now that the liberals don’t have Antonin Scalia to kick around anymore they are just apoplectic that the Supreme Court rejected Emperor Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens scheme. A divided court failed to lift an injunction against Dear Leader’s executive orders granting privileges to millions of Latinos who are illegally in the United States. It was a very bad day for the Democrats as they were forced to end their stupid kindergarten sit-in on the House floor and watched in horror as the Brits rejected globalism and the illegals that have invaded their own country with a vote to exit the European Union. None of it will deter Queen Hillary and her army of poor, put upon identity group supporters as the the blue jackass party is going to use the ruling as an election year mobilizing issue.

As reported by the Washington Post “Immigration issue heads straight from court to the campaign trail”:

The bitter fight over President Obama’s immigration policies moved quickly from the courtroom to the campaign trail on Thursday, as the White House and its allies sought to turn a legal setback at the Supreme Court to their political advantage ahead of the November elections.

Obama decried the high court’s failure to lift an injunction blocking his use of executive authority to provide work permits to millions of undocumented immigrants, and suggested that the unresolved questions about how to move forward on immigration presented voters with a referendum on the future of the country.

“Here’s the bottom line: We’ve got a very real choice that America faces right now,” Obama said, speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room. “We’ve got a choice about who we’re going to be as a country, what we want to teach our kids, and how we want to be represented in Congress and in the White House.”

Obama said he remained confident that most Americans share his vision of a welcoming and tolerant America even as Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has promised to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants and build a wall on the southern U.S. border to keep them out.

The court’s 4-4 deadlock in U.S. v. Texas meant that Obama’s signature immigration initiative, announced in November 2014, is unlikely to be implemented before he leaves office, denying him a important victory in an area he hoped to leave a significant legacy. The president has tried in recent years to scale back deportations, which reached record highs during his first term, in response to fierce pressure from advocacy groups and congressional Democrats.

Yet even as Obama acknowledged that he had reached the end of his efforts to overhaul border control laws, he and other Democrats, including the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, saw an opportunity to gain some advantage in the political fight over immigration reform that has roiled the 2016 campaign.

But of course Hillary will be peddling amnesty, it’s what her backers in the corporate boardrooms and on Wall Street desire and despite her rhetoric to the contrary they are who she truly represents.

The big problem with this is that Hillary and Obama are continuing to sell a product that fewer and fewer are buying as the consequences of open borders, ruinous trade deals and globalism have come home to roost. With the Brexit vote expected to energize anti-globalist sentiment it’s hard to see how campaigning to put the interests of ILLEGAL immigrants ahead of actual Americans who have been hit hard by the drain on social services and suppressed wages that the brown invasion has wrought. Her pro-amnesty crusade may fire up the Mexican flag waving mobs who beat up Trump supporters but it is only going to further alienate Americans who have had enough of business as usual.

This is a weakness with the Dems that should be exploited and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will certainly do so although it remains to be seen if the RAT’s, sellouts and quislings in the Republican ranks will unify behind him.