Granted it’s not Scientology but a cult is a still a cult and that’s what the lucrative business of the selling the power of positive thinking is. There is never a shortage of rubes who will shell out big bucks to those offering them promises of prosperity if they can just get their heads right by purging all bad thoughts and focusing on the sunny side of things. Such is life in dumbed-down, corporate conformity plagued America circa 2016. But sometimes reality does intrude and such is the case with a bunch of suckers who suffered burn injuries after walking barefoot on hot coals at a motivational gathering held by the nation’s foremost peddler of positivity puke Tony Robbins.

According to a report in the Guardian “Tony Robbins event attendees burned after walking on hot coals”:

Walking across hot coals is a regular feature of motivational speaker Tony Robbins’s seminars. The act is meant to symbolize overcoming fear.

But at his “Unleash the Power Within” event in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday, more than 30 people were treated for burns due to the walk. Five were taken to the hospital that night, while the rest were treated on site for burns, said Jason Evans, a public information officer with Dallas Fire-Rescue, in a statement.

Dallas Fire-Rescue was dispatched to the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center on Thursday night just after 11pm, according to Evans.

Paul Gold, who sustained second-degree burns on his feet, told the Associated Press that he thought event staff didn’t wait long enough before adding more coals to the fire, resulting in the injuries.

Gold said he had participated in the walk at a previous Robbins event in Florida earlier this year and was unharmed.

Another attendee, Jacqueline Luxemberg, said the injuries occurred because people were taking selfies rather than concentrating on the walk.

“It has nothing to do with the training. It has absolutely nothing to do with Tony Robbins,” she said.

I’m sure that even the Reverend Jim Jones would have had his defenders were there any survivors at Jonestown. Stuff like this is a big reason why America is FUBAR right now and it is indicative of the corporate drink the Kool Aid mentality that has run rampant throughout the culture like the black oil alien virus in the X Files.

The Guardian story notes that:

Representatives for Robbins said in a statement to the Associated Press that about 7,000 people walked across the coals that night. Of those injured, five “requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site”.

“Someone not familiar with the fire walk observed the event and called 911 erroneously reporting hundreds of people requiring medical attention for severe burns,” the statement said.

Tickets to Robbins’s next “Unleash the Power Within” event in San Jose this November range in price from $650 to $2,995 a ticket, according to his website. The seminar aims to “help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire.”

Another world class bullshit salesman named Barack Obama was able to use a pitch of hope and change to ascend to the presidency by preying on the gullible. The sheep want nothing to do with reality negativity and there is no shortage of hustlers like Barry and Tony who will deliver them their sugar coated fantasies for a price.

You know the way the con works, it’s all about enforcing conformity and rooted in the need for the corporate state to build an unquestioning supply of cheap, cowed and easily abused labor that can be drawn upon. It’s a standard truck used by all cults but has really taken off with the osmosis of every aspect of American society with the corporate borg. The one trick that is always used by these people is the old litmus test of ‘is the glass half, empty or half full?’, a meaningless mental trick that allows for those with advanced degrees in basket weaving and finger painting to find employment in the Human Resources departments tasked with eliminating the renegades from the cattle.

It is a very old school ruse, this think positively trickery, used in earlier times to give some form of comfort to the poor slaves who worked themselves to death, were savagely whipped, starved and crushed to death by the incompetence of their co-workers as they hauled stones to build immense replicas and monuments to the Pharaohs. There are thousands if not millions of shit shovelers, toilers and the abused who must be made to benefit that one son of a bastard who gets his face on the Sphinx. It was religion then, the hope that a better life in some magical kingdom in the sky awaited if only submission to pain and the worst human injustice and cruelty was tolerated, as the giant talking blimp broadcasts in Blade Runner ‘a new life awaits you in the off world colonies’. It was hogwash then, and it’s even more hogwash now.

I am reminded of my days as an outside representative who would make regular visits to a certain high profile national chain of convenience stores. The managers of these stores suffered from some sort of shellshock, they were walking wounded, broken people hounded by micromanaging corporate types, tyrannical district managers who always popped in at unexpected times and harangued by customers.

They were psychically damaged material doing a thankless job for a pack of corporate pricks. What I remember in particular was one frumpy manager (looked like a dumpster in pantsuit) who had been transformed as some are by taking Jesus into their hearts. ‘Sally’, not her real name of course had found her proverbial file inside of the jailhouse cake because she had just been recruited into the notorious Amway Inc. upon which the DeVos family built it’s massive fortune.

‘Sally’ backed me into a corner and explained that she would soon be wealthy beyond her wildest dreams, out from under the corporate schmucks who she baked bricks for and that her entire mindset was changed after attending Amway drink the Kool Aid sessions. I remember that she tried to explain the difference as though there were two parallel universes and that she had been able to transcend them… was like stepping through The Stargate she told me – everything was right on the other side, it was filled with wonderful positive and successful people and she too was going to leave the drudgery behind and join them. You can sell anything in America but nothing sells like hope, it’s like vails of ‘holy’ water sold in a leper colony.

Ultimately though it’s all bullshit, the get rich schemes, the positivity pod people, the idea of transformation into a capitalist chrysalis and ultimately the corporate system itself. Like the wretched slaves in Plato’s cave allegory Americans have learned to love their bondage.

A few years after my conversation with ‘Sally’ over the Stargate, after I had quit my job and moved on to other things I happened to stop by a certain national convenience store for gas. a Big Bite and a Big Gulp and lo and behold there she was, toiling away behind the counter looking as sad, beaten and frumpy as ever with a look on her face like she had a big stinky turd in the inner front pocket of her green smock. The Stargate ultimately led to yet another boulevard of broken dreams as it ALWAYS does in lemming land, P.T. Barnum had it dead right, there IS a sucker born every minute…and they breed like rabbits on hormone supplements here in the home of the slaves.