The liberal fondness for fascism has been exposed in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre and nowhere more so than in efforts to strip away the rights of gun ownership without due process using the secretive no-fly list. The efforts that are underway to bring an authoritarian society to America is concrete evidence of how little regard that the radical left has for the Constitution.

The Dems have exploited the terrorist rampage of Muslim maniac Omar Mateen to further the agenda of the gun grabbers and have successfully hijacked the tragedy in order to strip Americans of their civil liberties. The infantile sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives this week may have been the stuff of petulant kindergartners but it was a big hit with the media and the party seems to believe that it is a winning issue in an election year.

But in the rush to pander to their base the Constitution itself is once again being trampled. The lack of regard for the rights of Americans has served to bring together groups who rarely find themselves on the same page. For instance, both the powerful American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) find themselves united in opposition to the Democrat efforts to trash due process by denying the right to bear arms to those on the government’s no-fly list.

The Christian Science Monitor reports “Why the NRA and ACLU take same side of ‘no fly’ gun debate”:

With the Democrats’ sit-in on the House floor, gun-control debates among lawmakers may have reached new heights of polarization. But on at least one of the proposed policies, advocacy groups typically at odds with one another are finding themselves on common ground.

The proposals in question would bar gun sales to those appearing on a “no-fly list” – a secret list of people prohibited from flying on airplanes in the United States. Twice this past week, the American Civil Liberties Union sent letters to the Senate urging lawmakers to vote against three bills using no-fly lists as a basis for gun restrictions. The group cites “the lack of adequate due process safeguards” as a chief basis for its opposition.

The National Rifle Association also has raised due-process concerns about the bills.

While the groups aren’t working together and have many fundamental differences it is heartening to see that there is some common ground in what should be an issue of great importance to all Americans because protecting the Constitution is not a partisan issue. The NRA emphatically states that they are not directly working with the ACLU because the leftist organization does not have a zero tolerance stance towards gun control. Conversely, the ACLU also denies any collaboration outside of the fact that they are both opposed to the wanton abuse of power by the feds.

The cynical exploitation of the Orlando dead to restrict gun ownership is bad enough but a larger issue should be that there are secret watch lists to begin with. The no fly list is yet another example of how Americans were cowed into surrendering to fear in the aftermath of 9/11 and allowing the feds to exploit the attacks in order to justify a huge power grab that has been ongoing for fifteen years now. The very existence of such lists flies in the face of a free society and with there being little to no way to seek legal remedy if one ends up on the no fly list due to either an error or more nefarious reasons is something straight out of Stalin’s USSR. But the liberals not only back the no fly list but now want to expand it to deny citizens their Second Amendment rights.

According to the ACLU the government’s Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) database contained the names of at least 1 million and that was according to 2013 data. The list is always expanding as is the net that the feds are casting for those who they suspect as being ‘terrorists’ which will soon be a catch all label for people who are guilty of nothing outside of opposition to the government who may one day cause trouble. Are such predictions Paranoid? The infrastructure for the national gun registration database is already here and an ominous story from the Associated Press reports that the state of Hawaii is on the brink of feeding gun owners into into the maw of Leviathan.

The only way to slow the march of liberal fascism is to put aside differences and work together towards a common goal like the ACLU and NRA are.

Originally Published by the Federalist Papers Project.