In a cautionary tale that should give pause to liberals seeking to import hordes of refugees into the United States, a German court has heard the case of a 56-year-old woman who was viciously raped by two drunken asylum seekers. The duo who hailed from the African hellhole of Eritrea, were crocked on whiskey and cola and when asked to keep their noise down they simply attacked the victim like wild animals. Her clothes were ripped off and they had their way with her in a flower bed in public at Munich’s Botanical Gardens.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Express “Woman raped in flower bed by asylum seekers who were ‘having a bad day’”:

A woman was dragged into a flower bed in a park and raped by two asylum seekers after she asked them to stop shouting, a court in Munich heard today.

The German woman, identified as Marlies G, asked them to keep the noise down while she tried to sleep in the middle of Munich’s Old Botanical Gardens.

Rather than stop, the two men, who had been drinking whiskey cola, sexually assaulted the 56-year-old last August.

The two men are asylum seekers from Eritrea and explained the attack by saying: “We were having a bad day.”

Both men were arrested two months after the attack when the woman raised the alarm following her ordeal. Both have pleaded guilty to carrying out the sex attack.

The pair, identified as 23-year-old Filmon K. and 26-year-old Habtom E. said they were drinking and could not remember much about what happened.

The incident is only the latest in an endless series of rapes, sexual assaults and wanton criminality that has Europe on edge as a result of being overwhelmed by refugees.

The story continues:

In their witness statement they admitted that after she had spoken to them, the 26-year-old had gone over and asked if they could have sex.

Without waiting for an answer, they had then grabbed her and ripped off her clothing.

Filmon told police: “I told my friend that you can go first, and he told me no, you go first, and I’ll go later.”

They said the woman screamed and unsuccessfully tried to fight them off. She was first raped by Filmon and later by Habtom in the daylight sex attack.

They had then run off. Police raised the alarm and managed to arrest the pair in October.

Asked why they had done it, Filmon said: “You know how it is, we were having a bad day.”

There is actually a serious debate in Europe as to the wisdom of absorbing millions of displaced refugees from the war torn Middle East and Africa but you would never know it from the domestic media in America. Daring to speak out on the criminal element being imported with refugees and illegal aliens would have one labeled as a filthy racist bigot here in Obamastan where free speech is under assault in the era of forced diversity. However, there are legitimate and serious issues with the refugees that liberals are rolling out the red carpet for.

With Emperor Obama’s insistence on allowing the unfettered flow of refugees into America – some of whom are literally the scum of the earth – and Hillary Clinton’s vow to continue his policies if elected, this sort of thing will no longer be a problem for Europe alone but will occur on Main Street USA. That however is the choice that voters have when they get to choose between the continuation of the cancer of globalism, immigration and porous borders and putting America first for a change.

Originally Published at the Federalist Papers Project.