Faced with rising discontent in the Rust Belt and the perilous prospect of Bernie Sanders supporters flocking to Donald Trump, the Democrats are doubling down on vagina politics. In an indication that Hillary is on the brink of going all out on gender politics the queen in waiting is dragging Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren around on the campaign trail. The emergence of Warren who has proven to be a vicious attack dog for Mrs. Clinton is clearly a sop to Sanders supporters who may find it difficult to support a Wall Street gold-digger like Hillary but will be easily suckered by Fauxahontas who is a phony from the word go. The two vaginas are better than one tour roared into Ohio today and played to rave reviews from the media as well as liberal schmucks who are down with the status quo as long as it’s their team doing the screwing.

As reported by CNN “Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump would ‘crush you into the dirt’”:

Elizabeth Warren unleashed a blistering attack against Donald Trump Monday in her debut on the 2016 campaign trail, delivering a fiery speech that resembled a live audition for the role of Hillary Clinton’s top surrogate — or vice president.

Slamming Trump as a “a small, insecure money grubber” who would “crush you into the dirt,” Warren sought to highlight sharp contrasts between the two parties’ presumptive presidential nominees.

“Now, Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again … It’s stamped on the front of his goofy hats,” Warren said. “You want to see goofy? Look at him in that hat.”

Warren’s speech offered a clear preview of the high-profile role the senator is expected to play in the general election as Trump’s chief public antagonist. Striking the same populist tone that’s core to her political fame, Warren said Trump is only in it for himself — and willing to hurt middle class Americans for his own personal gain.


“When Donald Trump says ‘great,’ I ask: ‘great for who, exactly?'” she said. “When Donald says he’ll make America great, he means greater for rich guys just like Donald Trump. That’s who Donald Trump is. … And you have to watch out for him, because he’ll crush you into the dirt.”

Warren warned: “You have to watch out for him, because he’ll crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants.”

But 31/32 white woman speak with forked tongue standing next to the embodiment of corrupt insider, pay for play politics. Warren made a name for herself with her blistering criticism of Wall Street (types aka Hillary donors) which has endeared her to legions of liberal chumps. Clinton needs to do something to sell herself as something other than the money-grubbing corporate whore that she has always been and with Bernie still waffling on an endorsement she will rely on Warren to fire up the rabble. It’s as cynical as all hell but proof that Fauxahontas is willing to sell out whatever capital that she has with the party base for a fistful of wampum.

Given the rising tide of anti-establishment sentiment as seen by the Brexit, the one who is facing being crushed into the dirt come November is Clinton, especially if she is relying on the cigar store Injun as her running mate. Trump will eat them alive once he has dispensed with the meddlesome RAT’s that are trying to sabotage him at the convention and can focus on the dynamic duo of shrieking harpies that the Dems are rolling the dice on to retain the White House.