Keeping up with the momentum that was gained after his speech excoriating lying-crooked Hillary, the Trump campaign has released a detailed list of 50 facts as proof that she is unfit for the presidency. The 35 page document reads like an indictment – which is probably about the closest thing to one that she will have to deal with considering the Obama regime is protecting her from prosecution.

Trump’s case against Clinton is meticulously laid out in an easily accessible manner to those seeking to save America by preventing the Clinton restoration.

According to The Hill “Trump details ’50 facts’ attacking Clinton”:

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump released a 35-page document criticizing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over topics including her foreign and economic policies.

The document, titled “Top 50 Facts About Hillary Clinton From Trump ‘Stakes of the Election’ Address,” goes through 50 claims Trump has made against the presumptive Democratic nominee and uses various articles and other information to defend them.

The presumptive GOP nominee tweeted out the document Sunday afternoon.

The claims Trump makes come from a speech last week in which he attacked Clinton, aiming to cast her as a corrupt figure who is more interested in her own interests than those of American workers.

Trump attacks Clinton for topics ranging from her “disastrous” trade deals to the paid speeches she previously made to Wall Street groups.

The document runs the gamut of Clinton criminality and lies. From her secret speeches to Wall Street bankers, email server chicanery, corporate payola, and the accusation that she was sleeping when the Benghazi embassy was attacked. The latter has particularly raised the hackles of Hillary’s media defenders, considering that she ran that ad spot in 2008 about the “3 am” phone call:

Considering what we know now, the only way that she would answer that call would be if it was coming from Goldman Sachs.

The link to the document is here.

Originally published at the Federalist Papers Project.