In another outbreak of politically motivated violence, an organized mob of black clad leftists broke up a rally held by a group that is being described as neo-Nazis in Sacramento on Sunday. That the white nationalists had a permit to hold their rally meant little to the increasingly unhinged forces of the radical commie left who swarmed in great numbers to disrupt the event. The mob scene follows the attack on attendees of a Donald Trump rally as they left the venue in San Jose earlier this month and is another ominous sign that anarchy is on the minds of the radical left in this sweltering summer of fear and loathing.

CNN reports “At least 10 injured — some stabbed — at California rally, authorities say”:

Ten people were injured Sunday after violence broke out between a white supremacist group and counter-protesters, said authorities in Sacramento, California.

Two of the injured had critical stab wounds, Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Chris Harvey said.

The nine men and one woman were between 19 and 58, the fire department said in a tweet, and all had multiple stab and laceration wounds. One of the injured refused to go to the hospital, Harvey said. It was not clear how many remained hospitalized Sunday night.

The Traditionalist Worker Party, or TWP, whose leader describes it as a “white nationalist” group, had a permit for a noon rally near the state Capitol, said Officer George Granada, California Highway Patrol public information officer with the Capitol Protection Division. Another group showed up “to stop them from carrying on their permit,” he said.

The video is off the chain:

The Sacramento Bee provides additional detail in the story “At least 10 hurt at chaotic, bloody neo-Nazi rally at Capitol”:

Despite the initial outbreak of violence, law enforcement appeared to be holding back from wading into the crowd once it appeared to settle back into groups shouting at each other. By 1 p.m., the anti-fascist group had taken over the steps of the building and chanted against the skinheads, while officers in riot gear and on horseback stood back in the shade near the sidewalks along L and 10th streets.

At one point, the anti-fascists tried marching down L Street toward 15th Street, but turned back and ran to the steps when a handful of skinhead protesters began advancing on them.

As the standoff continued, tourists wandered around the east side of the Capitol seemingly unaware of the tense scene. Nearby restaurants and bars remained jammed with patrons escaping the fierce summer heat and watching soccer matches.

Police closed off portions of L, N and 10th streets during the protest, which ended about 3 p.m.

Yvette Felarca, with the By Any Means Necessary group, came from Oakland to join the protest against the neo-Nazis and said it was a successful effort because the fascists fled.

“They came out of this in worse shape than us,” said Felarca, who suffered a head injury in the heat of the hostility. “Not just physically, but politically, they lost. The Nazis did not recruit anyone new today, and our side did.”

The spin will of course be to demonize Trump because the white nationalists have been labeled as his supporters but the media will largely ignore the role of the organized gang of hooligans who descended on the rally with malice on their agenda. They are increasingly aping the tactics of Hitler’s S.A. which specialized in terrorizing political foes by doing exactly what the Sacramento goon squad did to the neo-Nazis.

While the message of the white nationalist group may be extremely offensive to many they did obtain the necessary permitting and still do have the right to free speech. This is something that Hillary’s minions and their tendency to intimidate and beat anyone who doesn’t hew to their totalitarian views of what is acceptable thought have little use for. The violence will only become more commonplace as Mrs. Clinton and her surrogates ramp up their demagoguery in the run up to the election.

I personally find the neo-Nazis and white supremacists repugnant but they do have a right to free speech. That right is no damned good for anyone if it doesn’t protect speech that is unpopular and the so-called anti-fascist mobs have zero understanding of such a concept. Through their resorting to violence in order to shut down legitimate expressions of free speech they have only served to undermine whatever cause – outside of organized thuggery – that they were trying to prove and turned the neo-Nazis into sympathetic figures. Fucking buffoons.