Continuing their temper tantrum that is only strengthening Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, the Never Trumpers are sending an advance team to Cleveland in advance of next month’s GOP convention. The RAT’s will continue to promote trickery and tinkering with the rules in order to facilitate the last ditch effort to dump Trump in favor of a yet unspecified alternative who will be steamrolled by the Clinton campaign come November. While the delegate revolt looks like a longshot, outside of throwing the whole thing into the courts it is the best chance to preserve the status quo by screwing Donald Trump out of the nomination and shitting all over the votes of millions of Americans.

According to Politico “Anti-Trump ‘advance team’ to land in Cleveland this week“:

Anti-Trump forces will be sending an “advance team” to Cleveland this week to begin preparing their effort to strip the Republican presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

In a Sunday night conference call with allies around the country, the leaders of the effort described a slow-building organization that would begin setting up a command center outside the arena where the Republican National Convention will be held next month.

We’ve built a list of every delegate in the country,” said Steve Lonegan, the former New Jersey director for Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign, who’s now leading the anti-Trump Courageous Conservatives PAC.

Lonegan said his group would be identifying three regional field directors and is in talks with “key people” to name an executive director for the effort

The central focus of these anti-Trump activists is a push to “unbind” the delegates who will choose the GOP nominee at the convention. Many are subject to party rules and state laws that require them to vote based on the results of primaries and caucuses. Unbinding delegates would free them to vote their conscience at the convention at a time when Trump is mired in miserable poll numbers and facing a backlash from conservatives who don’t trust him.

Monday’s Supreme Court ruling to drastically expand abortion on demand should have the social conservatives – especially the Lyin’ Ted loyalists – pondering what their treachery could bring if they destroy their own candidate. Hillary will be able to radically alter the composition of the nation’s high court for at least a generation and conceivably could pack the bench with liberals if she is able to win re-election in 2020. That is a distinct possibility if the Never Trumpers and their suicide mission succeed because the Republican party will fracture leading to an era of Democrat dominance that will be like Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich.

Sensing the unmitigated catastrophe that alienating voters will be for the party, the RNC is belatedly jumping into the fray to put down the insurrection as reported by the New York Times in the story “Donald Trump and R.N.C. Crack Down on Rebelling Delegates”:

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee are moving quickly and aggressively to head off the fledgling effort to stage a revolt at their convention next month in Cleveland, hoping to spare the party an embarrassing spectacle that could deeply wound the presumptive nominee.

They are employing hard-nosed tactics, warning delegates that attempting to undermine Donald J. Trump’s claim to the nomination violates party rules, and threatening to deny speaking slots to Republicans they deem disloyal for not backing him.

“If there’s no endorsement, then I would not invite them to speak,” Mr. Trump said in an interview, adding that former rivals like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio should not expect to address the convention if they continue to withhold their support.

The R.N.C. and the Trump campaign are also installing loyal party stalwarts in key party positions to help ensure that they maintain control of the convention if rogue delegates attempt a disruption. And they are trying to discredit Republicans who are advocating an interpretation of party rules that would allow delegates to vote for anyone they want on the first ballot.

Their moves are intended to buttress Mr. Trump as he confronts a faction of Republicans who, emboldened by his recent missteps, say their efforts to stage a convention coup are gaining more support. In the last week, prominent Republicans like House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin have breathed new life into these efforts by saying that delegates should be free to follow their consciences instead of being committed to back a candidate.

Whether the RNC’s actions are too little too late remains to be seen but having to deal with what is essentially a pack of Benedict Arnolds at this late stage of the game isn’t helpful and may even cost the GOP control of Congress. The only thing more horrifying than Hillary in the Oval Office is Hillary in the Oval Office with a stacked SCOTUS and control of both houses of Congress.

Nice job Never Trumpers.