With liberals and the corrupt elite in full battle mode to stamp out the “America First” renaissance inspired by Donald Trump, a former Clinton administration apparatchik is warning of excessive patriotism on July 4th. Liberals are always killjoys when it comes to the holidays, from intimidating retailers into not saying “Merry Christmas” to whining about the dangers of holiday BBQ food, fireworks and celebration but the latest tirade takes politically correct idiocy to an entirely new level. It’s positively Orwellian that Robert Reich, a former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton and a professor at the commie incubator UC Berkeley is actually railing against the evils of patriotism on the freaking Fourth of July.

In the column published at SFGate “The two types of patriotism” Reich writes:

We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016, we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us together. The other is an exclusive patriotism that keeps others out.

Through most of our history we’ve understood patriotism the first way. We’ve celebrated the values and ideals we share in common: democracy, equal opportunity, freedom, tolerance and generosity.

We’ve recognized these as aspirations to which we recommit ourselves on the Fourth of July.

This inclusive patriotism prides itself on giving hope and refuge to those around the world who are most desperate — as memorialized in Emma Lazarus’ famous lines engraved on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

By contrast, we’re now hearing a strident, exclusive patriotism. It asserts a unique and superior “Americanism” that’s determined to exclude others beyond our borders.

Donald Trump famously wants to ban all Muslims from coming to America, and to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out Mexicans.

Exclusive patriotism tells us to fear foreign terrorists in our midst — even though almost every terrorist attack since 9/11 has been perpetrated by American citizens or holders of green cards living here for a decade or more.

Exclusive patriotism is not welcoming or generous. Since the war in Syria began in 2011, we’ve allowed in only 3,127 out of the more than 4 million refugees who have fled that nation.

The rest of this steaming pile of crap can be read in it’s entirety here.

While the piece starts out as a paean to a bygone era when the United States was still a young country that welcomed in millions of hard-working refugees with open arms – including my own grandparents – that is a period that is now in the history books and only serves to provide a source of dishonest platitudes for fatheads like Reich. The early immigrants embraced their own ethnicity but also held a devout loyalty to the great country that provided them with the opportunities that they never had in their homelands. They weren’t the angry rabble you see in the streets today beating up Trump supporters, burning American flags and waving Mexican ones. They were also here legally, another point of demarcation that Mr. Reich doesn’t bother with.

The type of “inclusive” patriotism that Reich is peddling fails to differentiate the eras or to point out that today’s country has been overrun by a wage-depressing, social service draining, anchor baby dropping army of brown invaders that exacts a punitive toll on real American taxpayers. You know, the ones who were born here or immigrated legally instead of climbing fences, swimming rivers or crawling on their bellies out of the view of the border patrol. The Hillary surrogate Reich also fails to note that those Syrian refugees were just fine in Syria until the blood-soaked bitch destablized the region with her disastrous regime change operation in Libya and potentially include among them adherents to radical Islam as well as actual members of ISIS. Reich’s piece is really just another anti-Trump screed using the 4th of July celebrations as an excuse to write it.

In the interest of  that happy “inclusive” patriotism for the America lasters like Reich and his ilk here’s hoping they can find some way to have their cake and eat it too.