The speculation continues to swirl as to who will be the lucky winner of the Donald Trump vice presidential candidate sweepstakes. The latest name to be kicked around is that of Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a military veteran and a former hog castrator who could do wonders to defuse the phony war on women meme that the media has successfully used to stigmatize Trump. With Queen Hillary looking like she is going to double down on vagina politics by tabbing Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren as her veep a good deal of air would be let out of that particular balloon if Trump were to pick his own female running mate.

The Hill reports “Trump meeting with GOP senator, fuels VP speculation”:

Donald Trump is meeting with Sen. Joni Ernst Monday amid speculation that the Iowa Republican could be a potential vice presidential pick.

“I look forward to meeting [Ernst] today in New Jersey. She has done a great job as Senator of Iowa!,” the GOP presumptive nominee said in a tweet Monday morning.

Trump’s comments come after an unidentified senior Trump adviser told CNN that Ernst, a GOP up-and-comer who joined the Senate in 2015, is on the businessman’s list for the No. 2 spot.

The adviser told CNN that it is unclear if the Iowa senator is interested in the position, “as opposed to others who have said, ‘Thanks, let’s play ball.’ ” The meeting with Ernst comes ahead of an expected meeting with the Senate Republican caucus this week.

Trump fired off a handful of tweets Monday related to his hunt for a vice president, noting, in a separate tweet, that people saying they aren’t interested in the spot haven’t been asked.

The GOP candidate also praised Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, a Republican, and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Monday. Both politicians are considered potential VP picks for Trump.

The selection of Ernst whose name has been brought up as a possible keynote speaker at the Republican convention would be a big help for Trump in Iowa. Her selection could not only deprive the Dems of sole ownership of the woman card but could force Hillary to change her mind on Warren – who also serves as a sop to disgruntled Bernie supporters – and pick a token Hispanic instead.  One negative for Senator Ernst is that she lacks experience having only been elected to the U.S. Senate in the great GOP wave election of 2014 and despite her military history would face harsh criticism from the former Secretary of State on foreign policy.

It would be a far better choice for Trump than either an insider with dubious loyalty like Newt Gingrich or a Gang of Eight supporter like Senator Bob Corker and you can’t understate the benefits of neutralizing the braying banshees of gender politics.