The Democrats have been playing a dangerous game that just erupted into full-blown anarchy. Heavily armed snipers opened fire on police last night in a coordinated attack during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas in what was a military style operation. As of early Friday morning five police officers have been confirmed dead with several more wounded and clinging to life. The media as well as the Democratic party may have not pulled the triggers put they have blood on their hands for the constant stream of propaganda about Donald Trump being a racist, David Duke loving, anti-Semitic reincarnation of Adolf Hitler himself. That type of incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric has consequences even if they are not immediately seen until they break open like a festering boil as happened in Dallas on Thursday  night.

The bubbling cauldron of racial animosity finally boiled over after the Dems and their pocket media exploited an unfortunate and tragic police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop in Minneapolis that triggered the protest in Dallas as well as similar ones – minus the dead cops – in other cities nationwide. The Democrats are screwed in November unless they have an angry black vote riled up to go to the polls to stop Trump and they have been playing with fire for some time now, never more so than in using the death of Philando Castile to score some cheap political points. I wonder if they’re happy now.

Reuters reports “Snipers kill five Dallas police during protest over black shootings”:

Snipers operating from rooftops in Dallas killed five police officers and wounded six more in a coordinated attack during one of several protests across the country against the killing of two black men by police this week.

Police described Thursday night’s ambush as carefully planned and executed and had taken three people into custody before a fourth died from what Dallas-based media said was a self-inflicted gunshot after a standoff that extended into Friday morning.

The fourth suspect had exchanged gunfire with police during the standoff at a downtown garage and warned of placing bombs throughout the city. Police have yet to confirm his death.

The attack, which took place as a protest in Dallas was winding up under the watch of officers, was one of the worst mass shootings of police in U.S. history.

White House officials have spoken with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings about the shooting that turned the downtown of one of the largest U.S. cities into a sprawling crime scene, unfolding along streets that house major corporations, restaurants and government offices.

President Barack Obama, while in Poland, said he had spoken to Rawlings and expressed his “deepest condolences” on behalf of the American people.

Friday will be marked by a procession of slimy Democrats condemning the executions of the law enforcement officers whose lives were taken by their precious Black Lives Matter goons but it will all be total horseshit and law-abiding Americans need to call them out for it. They can cry their crocodile tears over the blood that they helped to spill and spew prepared remarks about how they mourn the families of the dead cops but they themselves bear a large share of the blame for the climate of hatred that they have done so well in creating.

How this is all going to end up is yet unknown but it’s not going to be in a good way.