Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton’s hatchet-woman Elizabeth Warren may as well be an accomplice in the now out of control outbreak of racial violence in America that resulted in the calculated murder of at least five Dallas police officers on Thursday. Pocahontas sought to exploit emotions in a dangerous way in the aftermath of the unfortunate shooting of a black man by Minneapolis police. Looking to fan the flames of racial animosity in order to get black voters whipped up into a highly agitated state so as to gain politically, the cigar store Indian took to Twitter on Thursday to stir up anti-cop sentiment with a series of missives:

Somehow though these tweets will slip through the cracks of being scrutinized by our crusading media for the Democratic party’s role in inciting racial violence and now the assassination of law enforcement officers that could lead to all out civil war. The so-called anti-Semitic Donald Trump tweet of crooked Hillary with an alleged Star of David image has dominated the press for five solid days now, let’s see some balance in calling out Fauxahontas for her blantant race-baiting. The media only continues to enable a climate of hostility that is rapidly spiraling into anarchy.

As the Democrats would understand if they had any sense of decency would be that dabbling in racial politics is like playing with matches – sooner or later you are going to get burned.

Originally Published at Downtrend.