In another sign of just who it is that the Democratic Party truly represents these days, Hillary Clinton is looking to rake in millions from the same greedy corporations that have gutted the working class and created an economic order that best resembles a corrupt banana republic. Following up on her top secret speeches to Wall Street donors and a ravenous appetite for corporate graft, the queen in waiting is seeking to pounce on the establishment’s disillusionment with billionaire iconoclast Donald Trump’s populist call for the junking of globalist hose jobs the likes of NAFTA and the TPP. With the fat cats now running from the Republicans as if they have the Ebola virus they will be welcomed with open arms by Mrs. Clinton who will keep their rackets intact and the golden cash spigots flowing.

CNN is reporting that “Clinton seizes opening as Trump alienates big business”:

Hillary Clinton has an opportunity that has eluded Democratic presidential nominees for decades: Being the candidate of big business.

In an election already rocked by bizarre twists and turns, Donald Trump’s speech meant to galvanize working-class voters in the Rust Belt last week exposed a yawning divide between the billionaire and the business community — a powerful force in U.S. presidential elections that has historically aligned itself with the Republican Party.
As Trump railed against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other leading business lobbies publicly condemned the GOP presumptive nominee. Their warning: Trump’s policies would spell economic disaster.

The extraordinary rebuke from the business community was a reminder of just how upside down politics are this year. It comes as Trump is looking to garner support from the GOP establishment just weeks out from his party’s convention in Cleveland this month. It also opened the door for Clinton to court corporate leaders and donors who, in a typical election year, may have been inclined to back the GOP nominee.

Even before Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania last week, the Clinton campaign was actively reaching out to industry leaders across the political spectrum.

Despite the propaganda spin from our stalwart media about Hillary and the Dems being “pro-business” this is about one thing and one thing only: legalized bribery. Corporate payola is the oil that keeps the machine humming along and the fat cats could give a rat’s ass about which party is in the driver’s seat because they own them both outright.
Before Trump so rudely pissed on the parade, the 2016 election was set to be a win-win scenario for the banksters and the corporate parasites with the false choice of Bush or Clinton. When the Donald did the unthinkable and sent prissy, privileged jellyfish Jeb! slinking off with his tail between his legs the oligarchy’s ass was covered as long as Hillary prevailed. There was the temporary opposition to the money-changers’ control of the Democratic party thanks to the surprisingly tenacious Bernie Sanders but now that the uprising has been quelled – and barring a Trump victory – it is smooth sailing from here to the horizon for the Clinton corporate cash machine.

Sure the Democrats and Mrs. Clinton are trying to dupe reform-minded progressives by trotting out Elizabeth Warren as a sop to Bernie’s insurgents but the shining heroine may not be what she has been advertised as. With Warren’s endorsement of the warmongering, power-crazed, greedmongering succubus Hillary, she has shown that she is far more of a cynical opportunist eager to sell her soul at the company store for the right price. The same can really be said of the entire Democratic party establishment which has come full circle to become all that it once paid lip service to despising, if it wasn’t all an act from the get-go.

Now Hillary is even more emboldened after the cozy Phoenix meeting between Slick Willie and Obama’s hand-picked Attorney General Loretta Lynch – a woman who once served on the board at the New York Fed under former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – preceded Tuesday’s FBI announcement that Mrs. Clinton was off the hook with only a slap on the wrist over those damn emails.

The election itself looks to be a done deal. No matter what one may think of Trump and some of his more loathsome tendencies it is astounding to see how the entire national media has arrayed itself against the presumptive nominee of a major political party. In a functional democracy the people are at least theoretically supposed to be the ones making the choice but you would never know it from the savage attacks on Trump and his anti-globalist stance. The media did the same thing to Sanders only to a lesser degree and both men have been opposed tooth, fang and nail by the establishment of their parties. There is truly only one party in America anymore – the money party.

But we don’t really live in a democracy anymore do we? As former president Jimmy Carter put it not so long ago: the U.S. is an “oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” and this most odious of election cycles serves to prove exactly that.

The Clinton restoration is well on track and any principled Americans should refuse to participate in this mockery of a process in which the ‘winner’ has already been picked before the first vote has been cast.

Originally Published at Op Ed News