In another example of the moral bankruptcy of the Black Lives Matter movement, hordes of angry demonstrators ran wild in St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday night. The mob took to the streets to protest the shooting of Philando Castile – a black man – by police in Minneapolis last week and as is standard practice quickly turned violent and attacked police with debris and fireworks. Reports have stated that anywhere from 21-27 law enforcement officers were injured before order was eventually restored. The good news is that this latest outbreak of anarchy provides additional proof to civilized Americans as to the true nature of the Democratic party backed movement that sees violence as an acceptable solution to social problems.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports “Police chief ‘disgusted’ by violence at I-94 protest; 21 officers hurt”:

About 100 people protesting late Saturday and early Sunday in a sometimes violent response to the police killing of Philando Castile were arrested, either during an hourslong human blockade of Interstate 94 in St. Paul or during a follow-up gathering elsewhere in the city, authorities said.

The violence perpetrated by some of the protesters against the police prompted denouncement in the strongest terms by St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Police Chief Todd Axtell, who called the pelting of officers with rocks, bottles and other items “a disgrace.”

Axtell said 21 officers from all law enforcement agencies on the scene were injured in the mayhem. The State Patrol said six of the 21 were troopers who suffered minor injuries from what the protesters were throwing.

Roughly 50 of the arrests came during the “freeway riot,” which began shortly before nightfall Saturday and continued until police began taking people into custody shortly after 1 a.m., allowing the interstate to be reopened in both directions, said police spokesman Steve Linders.

The officers were hurt from demonstrators “throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks,” Linders said. The injuries were not considered serious, he added. Demonstrators were seen on a pedestrian overpass throwing objects including bricks and rebar at officers and dumped liquid on them.

At a hastily called news conference at police headquarters, the mayor called the violence “shameful” and said it “doesn’t honor anyone’s memory … including Philando Castile’s.”

And the mayor is correct, the mob scene doesn’t honor Pilandro Castile’s memory one bit but it is not really about him is it? The troublemakers and anarchists are not exactly helping their own cause either by shutting down a major interstate highway on a Saturday night. How many of those who were inconvenienced by this latest flagrant display of disregard for the public order will rally to what is a futile and doomed cause championed by the Black Lives Matter morons and their enablers in the Democratic party? The freaks in the streets may just as well be working for the Trump campaign considering the support that they are creating in favor of the presumptive Republican nominee.

I have often stood opposed to the imposition of the militarized police state in America as it threatens all but unruly elements like the ones who took it to the streets in St. Paul need to be made aware that there are consequences for such actions. The cops have every right to turn the water cannons on this scum and wash it into the sewers where it belongs.