With America now fully on the path to full blown racial violence it’s time for the very legitimacy of the Black Lies Matter movement be called into question. It has been a dumpster fire from the beginning and while there is a legitimate concern over rogue police gunning down black males it’s hard to see how any movement that was vaulted into national prominence by transforming a violent thug like the deceased Mike “Gentle Giant” Brown into a martyr was ever going to amount to anything good. Not to mention that it’s very name is racist in that it is hardly inclusive to other minorities who face similar troubles nor to low income whites. Now, only days after five police officers lay dead after a black racist’s rampage at a BLM rally in Dallas, the movement is facing an existential crisis as Americans begin to see that the group is more a part of the problem than it is a legitimate solution to social problems.

The New York Times reports “Black Lives Matter Was Gaining Ground. Then a Sniper Opened Fire”:

It felt like a watershed moment for a scattered and still-young civil rights movement.

Inside Black Lives Matter, the national revulsion over videos of police officers shooting to death black men in Minnesota and Louisiana was undeniable proof that the group’s message of outrage and demands for justice had finally broken through.

Even the white governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, in a pained public concession, embraced the movement’s central argument. “Would this have happened if those passengers — the driver and the passengers — were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would’ve.”

Then, in an instant, everything changed.

Black Lives Matter now faces perhaps the biggest crisis in its short history: It is both scrambling to distance itself from an African-American sniper in Dallas who set out to murder white police officers and trying to rebut a chorus of detractors who blame the movement for inspiring his deadly attack.

“What I saw in Dallas was devastating to our work,” said Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago pastor who has emerged as an outspoken Black Lives Matter activist over the past year. The moment he learned of the attack on the police, he said, he immediately sensed that any emerging national consensus would “tear down the middle.”

“The thing I vividly remember thinking was, this is going to show exactly how divided this conversation is,” he said.

For those who have harbored doubts or animosity toward Black Lives Matter — among them police unions and conservative leaders — the Dallas attacks are a cudgel that, fairly or not, they are eager to swing.

And it’s about damned time for BLM to face some legitimate scrutiny despite the accusations of racism that are customarily invoked as a response to any sort of criticism. With the increasing militancy that is being seen as is evident in the aftermath of Dallas where protests are continuing rather than taking a break for a cooling off period, the leaders of BLM are clearly fanatics or incompetents who are dumb or blind as to the consequences of their actions. This stuff that they are preaching is toxic and the sooner that this aspect is recognized and they are rejected as a legitimate political movement then the sooner that something more pragmatic and inclusive can take it’s place and the anti-cop zealots can be marginalized.

I normally avoid personal anecdotes but this is one that I feel has some relevance in light of what has transpired in recent days. It’s not as though I am naïve but it finally hit home for me on what a truly malevolent force that BLM is when one of my friends who happens to be black was actually celebrating the murder of the Dallas cops. This person said something along the lines of – see how you people like it when we fight back, the tone dripping with a menace that seemed to be alien coming from him. It was a real stunner considering that this person has always been a voice of reason and rationality when it comes to racial problems but the message of the BLM movement was so alluring and poisonous that he has been transformed into an angry vessel of an extremist ideology.

Who knows? Perhaps my friend was always a racist but I never saw that over the course of nearly twenty years until the veil slipped after the carnage in Dallas.  Mind you, this is a devoutly religious individual and the last person who would have ever called for the use of violence to drive political change. But like Marxism itself, the BLM movement is representative of a dangerous menace to the country from within due to the seeds that it sows within minds that are fertile ground for radicalism and with those driven by emotion over reason. Worse though is that BLM has had bestowed upon it an aura of political importance thanks to the Democrats and their need to harvest black votes to put Hillary into the White House. Just look at how Mrs. Clinton’s fake Indian toady Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren sought to cash in politically in a series of tweets directed to #blacklivesmatter this past week after the shootings for Alton Sterling and Philado Castile by a few bad apples with itchy trigger fingers:

With Dallas being a public relations debacle, movement leaders have taken to denouncing violence but it’s too late now, they can’t un-ring that particular bell and God only knows how many within the orbit of BLM are like my friend and who now look at cop killings and perhaps even instigating for attacks on white people as well as an all-out race war as acceptable measures. Never mind that the movement itself is well on it’s way towards to an ugly collision with a reality that has historically faced those who use violence against the state which has a monopoly on coercive power and will ruthlessly and efficiently use it to restore civil order. Those who are continuing to march in the streets, obstruct traffic at major intersections, invade public events and turn to violence will not only be put down like rabid dogs but the majority of Americans will cheer the authorities for doing it.

The Democrats and in particular their “leaders” like Emperor Barack Obama, Queen Hillary Clinton and Pocahontas Warren need to stop worrying about pandering to the black vote by defending the now fully cancerous Black Lives Matter movement and reject them as legitimate before there are rivers of blood in the streets. But don’t hold your breath waiting for such a thing.