This writer has come under attack by Hillary Clinton surrogates at a leftist website after calling out Elizabeth Warren for pandering to cop haters in a series of Thursday tweets. With the liberal blogosphere frantically trying to find a way to spin the murder of five Dallas police officers and the wounding of several others by a racist black lunatic it was myself who was caught up in their net. My Friday post “Nice Job Pocahontas: Warren’s Inflammatory Tweets Contribute to Climate of Racial Violence” that pointed out that Hillary’s ace hatchet-woman, the fibbing phony Indian Elizabeth Warren’s pandering to cop haters to score political points was only feeding the bonfire of racial hatred that exploded in Dallas had at least one asshole puckering over at Raw Story.

Raw Story’s piece “Conservative writer blames ‘race-baiting Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren for death of Dallas cops” states that:

While some conservatives immediately blamed President Barack Obama for the tragic shootings in Dallas that claimed the lives of five police officers, one writer suggested a new culprit.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Under the heading: “Nice Job Pocahontas: Warren’s Inflammatory Tweets Contribute to Climate of Racial Violence,” writer Donn Marten suggested that the Democratic senator is an “accomplice” in the “calculated murder” of the five police officers attending the Black Lives Matter protest late Thursday night.

At issue were several tweets Warren wrote Thursday afternoon, including one that read: “We’ve seen the sickening videos of black Americans killed in traffic stops. Lives ended by those sworn to protect them.”

Using the Black Lives Matter hashtag, Warren noted recent prominent African Americans who died after following incidents involving  police, including Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Warren added: “Most cops are good ppl. But we can’t ignore the ugly reality: black parents feel they must teach kids to ‘survive’ police.”

According to Marten, the media is also to blame to for not holding the Democratic Party responsible for “inciting racial violence,” while they were wasting time on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s tweets.

The hit job – by some stooge named Tom Boggioni -falsely asserts that I was putting the blame solely upon the head of Pocahontas for the Dallas cop murders instead of making a more subtle point that the rhetoric that’s been spewed by Democrats had contributed greatly to the atmosphere of racial animosity that led to the attack. The Dems and their winged monkeys in the media have spent over a year now harping about how presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is a racist fiend on a level with Hitler himself and that his supporters were no better than Nazi brownshirt thugs. By doing so – for the cynical objective of pandering to blacks and other identity groups to support Hillary – the left has sowed the seeds of discontent and are now reaping the whirlwind. The killing of the five police officers in Dallas was only the latest step down the path leading to full blown anarchy after Democrat demagoguery led to raving mobs stalking and beating unarmed Trump supporters in San Jose last month.

While Boggioni includes the bulk of my piece at Raw Story, his spin on it is total horseshit and typical for liberal laptop warriors with backbones made of jelly cranking out crap for their gullible readers. The real dishonesty though is a failure by the left in general to even acknowledge the role of slimy politicos like Pocahontas in feeding the beast that is now running amok on the streets of America. The author – like most liberals – fails to understand that demonizing all cops instead of the few bad apples that murder black males only serves to feed the persecution complexes of unstable individuals like Micah Johnson who just hated white people – especially cops – and took matters into his own hands in Dallas, leaving five fatherless families in his wake. Therefore they and the larger media do indeed have blood on their hands and as much as it stings to hear it, one of those sets of hands happens to belong to Elizabeth Warren. I expressed this very clearly when I wrote that “dabbling in racial politics is like playing with matches – sooner or later you are going to get burned” and that is exactly what happened to the Democrats on Thursday.

I think that the larger problem for Mrs. Clinton’s surrogates is pointing out that Senator Warren is a grifter and a charlatan of the highest order. The entire crux of Hillary’s strategy to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters – who the old man is about to formally sell out – is by pimping Warren out as a change agent which will appease many of the liberal saps who have idolized her over the years. It’s a tricky piece of work by the Democrats but has thus far worked like a charm with Fauxahontas hitting the stump to snipe at Trump – she is Hillary’s own version of Carly Fiorina. Warren’s entire appeal rests upon the myth of her being a genuine champion of those who have been left behind while Hillary’s true constituents on Wall Street and in the corporate boardrooms have seen their piles of money grow exponentially under Barack Obama’s regime as they will continue to do if there is a Clinton restoration. Therefore it is blasphemy to call into question Warren’s integrity although she has none to begin with.

Senator Pocahontas and her fellow Dems have to pander to blacks and other identity groups simply because they were complicit in the grand scale fucking over of the white working class over the last two decades. Democrats led by the Clintons don’t give a tin shit about the ruinous effects of globalist trade sellouts like NAFTA and the upcoming TPP nor that the armies of illegal aliens that benefit their corporate donors by driving down wages have all but broken the backs of a middle class that was once the envy of the civilized world. Any true champion of the working class would never support a grotesque, corrupt, money-grubbing, psychopathic, blood-soaked whore the likes of Hillary Clinton and in doing so Warren has revealed her true colors.

Liberals also love braying racism at those who refer to Clinton’s gunsel as Pocahontas – especially at Trump. That might have some truth to it were she anything other than a Native American by technicality. Myself – as is probably the case with most of those who invoke the name of the Indian princess in order to mock her – am referring to her scam in exploiting her whopping 1/32 percent Indian blood to gain preferential treatment in obtaining positions in academia. Warren’s trickery – in addition to being dishonest – only serves to deprive those of a true heritage an opportunity. There is nothing racist about it and to say otherwise is just more liberal whining. Would Princess Spewing Bull be less offensive to the precious liberal snowflakes?

So of course Boggioni is entitled to his opinion but he is not entitled to manufacture his own “facts” and that is exactly what he did when he distorted the message that I was trying to convey – there is a reason why liberals are losing the war of ideas and it’s exactly because of crap like this. The writer has already moved on to his next target, smearing the deceased American Sniper Chris Kyle who in addition to being a cherished punching bag for the loony left, isn’t around to defend himself anymore.

However I am and Tom Boggioni can go and fuck himself.