The funerals of the five Dallas police officers murdered by a racist maniac haven’t even taken place yet but that hasn’t stopped sleazebag Democrats from exploiting their deaths for political gain. Rather than engage in soul-searching over how their embrace of the anti-cop Black Lives Matter mob has helped in fomenting a toxic – and now murderous – climate they are doubling down and blaming the rampage on guns and not on the anti-cop mania that they themselves bear a large degree of responsibility for helping to create. And of course, it’s the criminal mastermind Hillary Clinton who is leading the pack.

Roll Call reports “Clinton Calls for Criminal Justice Overhaul and Gun Control After Dallas Shooting”:

PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton called for a criminal justice overhaul and additional gun control measures Friday in the wake of a tragic shooting in Dallas that targeted police officers.

Five officers who were among their colleagues keeping the peace at a Black Lives Matter protest were killed. The Dallas protest was one of many across the nation, including one in Philadelphia, after two black men recently were killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, said she would likely face criticism for discussing the need for criminal justice reform after police officers were killed — and for supporting the police after black men were killed by officers.

She spoke to a mostly black audience at the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s bicentennial conference at the Philadelphia Convention Center. About 30,000 people come to the conference, according to the AME Church, while event organizers said an estimated 7,000 people attended Clinton’s speech Friday evening.

“All these things can be true at once,” Clinton said. “We do need police and criminal justice reforms to save lives and makes sure all Americans are treated equally in rights and dignity. We do need to support police departments that stand up for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. And we do need to reduce gun violence.”

It shows a glaring lack of class on Mrs. Clinton’s part to be out on the campaign trail the day after the shootings of those cops at a Black Lives Matter rally but the African American turnout is crucial to her electoral hopes. This is particularly the case in Pennsylvania where Donald Trump is sure to be able to capitalize on working class resentment over lost jobs thanks to her own husband’s brilliant NAFTA and other Democrat sellouts. Heavily black Philadelphia where she spoke is the key to winning the state because the former industrial areas that have been hardest hit by corporate greed and globalism will go for Trump.

That overhaul of the criminal justice system is actually a rare good suggestion however it’s a ruse given how the private prison industry is such a huge moneymaker and funnels millions of loot into funding political campaigns and lobbying. While Mrs. Clinton is vowing to reform the criminal justice system that is just typical politician speak to lure the rubes into the tent, her bundlers include for profit prison industry lobbyists and her insatiable appetite for cash will render that promise null and void once the votes have been cast this November.