With this most acrimonious of political seasons now turning into open season on cops, local authorities have thwarted what is said to have been a “credible” plot to assassinate police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Days after a racist black fanatic opened fire on Dallas police officers – killing five –  a scheme to murder even more cops has been broken up. It is a dangerous time in America now that the idea that it is acceptable to gun down police officers is spreading like wildfire and there is no political courage on the left to denounce the violence by renouncing the message of the racist Black Lives Matter movement.

As reported by CNN “Baton Rouge police: Three arrested in plot to harm officers”:

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie on Tuesday said officers have arrested three people they believe were planning to kill police in the Louisiana city.

The threat emerged after the shooting death of Alton Sterling last week by Baton Rouge police, which has prompted weeklong protests by people concerned about police use of deadly force.

The “credible threat” was why law officers were quick to take aggressive action when they believed protesters were becoming unruly, Debadie and other top law enforcement officers told reporters Tuesday.

“We can’t take anything for granted any more,” said East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux. “What you saw in the (law enforcement) response is because of the very real and viable threats against law enforcement. Look what happened in Dallas. A very peaceful protest and then some crazy madman.”

Police said they learned of the plot when an officer responded to a burglary at Cash America Pawn early Saturday morning and arrested Antonio Thomas in the store, Debadie said.

Police said Thomas, 17, had one handgun and one airsoft BB gun, and told investigators he and three others stole firearms and were also seeking bullets to shoot police officers, the chief said.

Surveillance video showed the suspects using a ladder to climb to the roof to break into the building, police said.

Fortunately for Baton Rouge law enforcement officers the alleged perps were punks and amateurs who got busted during an attempt to steal their guns. However, this is only a very stupid bunch of wanna be revolutionaries and there are undoubtedly very serious and ongoing efforts by hardened criminals – some like Micah Johnson may have military training – to kill cops nationwide as reprisals as well as to try to trigger a race war.

There has been no comment from the Democratic party leaders on this latest scheme that their divisive rhetoric has inspired and there won’t be anything that isn’t carefully parsed so to avoid alienating the black vote that is so critical to Hillary Clinton’s electoral hopes. It is a sad day in America.