In addition to targeting police officers, the Black Lives Matter mobs have taken to shutting down sections of roads and highways as a way to thumb their noses at white America. The idea that impeding the free passage of people upon taxpayer funded roads is one whose time has come and it will be used with increasing frequency. While the human roadblocks are being hailed as a perfect way to bring pain to Americans in order to bend them to the will of the BLM agenda, it is very difficult to see how this is going to help as folks will end up missing flights, interviews and appointments, being fired after being late for their jobs, sick people will be delayed from getting medical care and businesses begin to lose money all because of  the actions of selfish morons. This would not seem to be a sensible way to sway others to your side of the fence and in a logical sense it would seem to have the opposite affect.

Unfortunately, some in the media are promoting the idea and a pretty good argument can be made that the Democrats and Hillary shills whose failure to condemn the imposition upon the rights of innocent citizens make them complicit in what are lawless actions by an increasingly emboldened mob. The Washington Post is at the forefront of promoting the road blockages as a legitimate form of expression as well as a good idea. This would include one Emily Badger who does the Wankblog Wonkblog column for the paper of America’s imperial city.

In the column entitled “Why highways have become the center of civil rights protest” Badger writes:

After activists protesting the death of Philando Castile left the governor’s mansion in St. Paul, Minn., on Saturday night, they marched through the city down Lexington Parkway and then onto the highway, across all eight lanes of traffic. There, some of them sat down, a provocative gesture of civil disobedience in the face of rushing commerce.

They were occupying a highway that, a half-century ago, was constructed at the expense of St. Paul’s historically black community. Interstate 94, like urban highways throughout the country, was built by erasing what had been black homes, dispersing their residents, severing their neighborhoods and separating them from whites who would pass through at high speed.

That history lends highways a dual significance as activists in many cities rally against unequal treatment of blacks: As scenes of protest, they are part of the oppression — if also the most disruptive places to call attention to it.

If you can find a way to jam up a highway — literally have the city have a heart attack, blocking an artery — it causes people to stand up and pay attention,” said Nathan Connolly, a historian at Johns Hopkins University. “Highways still perform their historic role from a half-century ago. They help people move very easily across these elaborately segregated landscapes.”

The piece goes on to ooze historic drivel further justifying the actions of the anarchists. You can read it here in it’s entirety if you are so inclined.

But A sampling from the WAPO comments section don’t seem to indicate that the anarchists are winning hearts and minds by blocking the roads. In fact the comments are overwhelmingly negative in terms of the BLM cause:

Chris Smith states:

Call out the scoops and turn these people into Soylent Green. Or I suppose Soylent Brown as the case may be.

Ken Snyder states:

Don’t these people understand that their efforts only make people like me dislike them that much more?

I take a decidedly apathetic view to actions like this and their genesis; however, when they disrupt me and my business, I certainly have little regard for them and, in fact, it makes me detest them that much more.

Block my road and you make no friends. Additionally, you will not get my support.

Mesoness chips in with:

What a bunch of drivel… gee, the highways are somehow hurting black people – total nonsense.

If these folks block highways, they should be arrested. And, they should expect that. The *real* civil rights people engaged in civil disobedience, which meant they were willing to pay the price of violating laws.

But, when I see these folks blocking highways, I see people who are making themselves feel good based on a false narrative. “Hands up, don’t shoot” came from Ferguson, except there was no real “hands up, don’t shoot” moment. BLM is racist and is based on lies.

Landy00 writes:

If this racist, terrorist organization is trying to cause more hatred, they are succeeding. What a group of useless people. You want to protest something? A girl was raped and murdered in her own bed by a black man in Detroit. How about giving comfort to the family and make sure appropriate justice is handed out?

According to No Illegals:

I am all about free speech, eve though people these days are trying to end that. I also believe in the right to protest, freedom of assembly but this is going to far. When your protest infringes on the rights of others to go about their days or nights without impediment then this is not anything that is protected by the constitution! These people have no right to block a highway just to get attention. They all should be arrested and removed ASAP! What happens if they get hit by a car? Can’t blame they person going 55 and then can’t stop fast enough before hitting someone.

These people are so self absorbed with them that no ones else has rights but them because this is their cause! GIVE ME A BREAK! I did not see nay protests in Chicago today as there where 15 count them 15 black on black shootings in the past 24 hours! Where is BLM? NO WHERE. This is the core of problem in the black community and nothing! No Obama, Al, Jesse or BLM trying to really make things better because they are too busy blaming every white cop/person for THEIR OWN ISSUES! Maybe just maybe this issue starts at home and not with someone else no matter what color they are

Renard LeFaux says:

Or my way picking up my kid from the day care ($25 fee to be late) or my plane was missed or my arrival at the theatre for the show that I just paid $250 for tix to. People are getting mad, and people are starting to drive through protesters.

Patrick Henry sums it up:

Idiots. I would be furious if my way home was blocked. Yeah, good job getting your message across. I am sure the people will agree with you after you blocked them.

CaptKuro shows that not all blacks agree with the BLM mobs:

I’m black, I’m supposedly affected by the system they are protesting, I just want to get home from a long day at work.

This type of thing will gain you brownie points from people who don’t drive on that highway but you will loose anyone who does. It only takes a few bad experiences to go from a supporter to an opponent.

According to observantpolemic:

Blocking highways, as well as internet hacking, contaminating food storages, impeding fuel pipeline systems, shutting down airports or other mechanisms of interfering with commerce and public services, are all criminal acts. The cost to the public of such displays of revolt is astronomical and can result in serious economic injury to a city or state or the country. Who is going to pay these hundreds of thousands of dollars (and eventually millions) in expenses to cater to these acts of rebellion? After a while, the public will not be willing to underwrite the cost of “protests.”

Djwread interjects:

Highway blocking as a form of protect does work to gain publicity for all the reasons outlined in the piece.

However, What happens when your movement – whatever you are protesting for – is plowed under by a sleepy semi driver hauling a double who reasonably expected the highway to not be full of people? 50+ dead protesters and a potentially dead innocent truck driver are not the image you strive for!

MrClean60 throws in his two cents:

Grew up in the sixties, been an over the road driver close to thirty years and a military Veteran, proud of my country just not the government. We only have had these kinda problems since Obama has been in office. That highway you wanna shut down is my office space, I don’t show up where your mowing and throw rocks at you, don’t F__k with my highway, you may not like the outcome!! Jump on MY TRUCK and you’ll be in for the ride of your life and I’ll bet you’ll never do it again! Wake up and educate yourself before more innocent people get hurt!!

Openletter2004 keeps it short and sweet:

How to make enemies 101.. Make their life miserable and cost them money.

And CalvinM offers up his own solution to the problem:

The first amendment right to demonstrate does not say anything about the right to the block the roads. These punks should be beaten until they bleed.

This small sampling was of course mixed with those of liberals and paid per post trolls singing the praises of Black Lives Matter for depriving Americans of their ability to travel freely but they were decidedly in the minority. It is really difficult to see this idea doing anything but further undermining the movement which already has to deal with the increasing awareness that by identifying itself as exclusively “Black” that it has a very racist nature at it’s very core. As people are forced to sit in their vehicles for hours in the sweltering heat of the summer it’s highly unlikely that it is going to bring positive results for Crooked Hillary at the polls come November either.