National thug league player Isiah Crowell found himself at the center of a firestorm of criticism after his social media post of a cop getting his throat cut ala ISIS made news this week. The Cleveland Browns running back was forced to retract and apologize for the offensive image and attempted to further make amends by offering a bribe of his first game check this season to a charity benefiting the murdered cops in Dallas, a gesture that was gracefully accepted by a Cleveland police union that had criticized the star athlete.

According to Pro Football Talk “Cleveland police union accepts Isaiah Crowell’s revised apology”:

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association didn’t care much for the initial apology offered by Browns running back Isaiah Crowell for posting an image of violence against a police officer on social media, which prompted a threat to refuse to work at the team’s home games. The police union has accepted Crowell’s second apology, which includes the donation of a game check to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

“I appreciate the apology and we accept it,” CPPA president Stephen Loomis told TMZ. “People are allowed to make mistakes in life. Our problem was that first apology. It wasn’t sincere. But Isaiah stepped up to the plate to make a personal apology, and we definitely appreciate his donation to the Fallen Officers Foundation.”

That’s good news for the Browns organization, especially as it relates to the 10 games to be played in Cleveland this year.

“I’m glad we didn’t have to go the route of boycotting Browns games. We would not have enjoyed that. We wanted to give Isaiah the opportunity to make things right, and he did.”

It’s unclear whether a boycott would have worked, since individual officers may have decided not to turn down the assignment of working Browns games. Regardless, it won’t get to that point.

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How Cleveland’s long-suffering football fans will react come the opening kickoff has yet to be seen but Crowell has dodged a bullet. His jersey sales will likely get a nice bump as well as he will be a perfect role model for those racist, cop-hating anarchists who will now view him as a spokesman. Somehow a league suspension and shaming would have seemed to be a better remedy here than simply letting this overpaid prima donna slime his way off the hook with no consequences.