Like all zealots the Never Trumpers will never just surrender to reality. In the aftermath of the bid to unbind the delegates in the convention Rules Committee going down to a resounding defeat, the R.A.T.’s are steeling themselves for one final battle. Denver based activist Kendal Unruh who is a Ted Cruz dead-ender and Senator Mike Lee are now vowing a floor fight for the nomination at Quicken Loans Arena next week. Not content to be team players and to start embracing unifying the party instead of acting as a de-facto Hillary Clinton embeds, the glimmer twins are intent at turning Cleveland into Donald Trump’s Waterloo even if it costs the GOP the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court in the process.

As reported by Yahoo Politics “Mike Lee predicts backlash after RNC smothers delegate rebellion”:

Mike Lee climbed out on a limb here Thursday evening, publicly aligning himself with an effort to potentially deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s national convention next week.

Lee, a U.S. senator from Utah, stood and voted with a group of Republicans who were trying to allow all 2,472 delegates to vote according to their conscience and not necessarily for the candidate to whom they were pledged. He had arrived here the subject of interest and curiosity, and was lobbied and buttonholed by the Trump campaign before publicly supporting the effort to “free” the delegates.

It didn’t work. A well-organized effort by a squad of veteran Republican operatives, working on behalf of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, dealt the “conscience vote” effort a stinging defeat in the convention Rules Committee. The motion didn’t get anywhere close to enough votes to send it to the full committee.

Trump’s supporters on the committee and at the RNC went out of their way to ensure the effort’s defeat, preventing Lee and the other supporters of the measure from debating it, and not even allowing anything more than a voice vote.

Lee denounced the result in the room in front of the 112 committee members and a large contingent of reporters, and then spoke exclusively with Yahoo News for 15 minutes afterward in a room down the hall.

In the committee meeting, Lee did not concede that Trump — who is now all but certain to be named the GOP’s nominee next Wednesday night — will in fact be the party’s choice.

“I hope whoever the nominee is going to be this time will in fact win over the delegates,” Lee said. “But rules like this are not going to help that.”

He seemed to hint at the prospect of a demonstration on the floor of the convention, noting that “as we will see in a few days” the “angst” among many anti-Trump delegates or those with serious reservations about Trump “isn’t just going to go away.”

When I asked Lee if there would be an attempted revolt on the floor of the convention, he was evasive, likely because he needs to collect his thoughts and also perhaps keep Trump’s campaign off balance. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” he said. When I asked if he would speak out over the next few days, before the convention starts Monday, to protest the RNC’s strong-armed treatment of the “conscience vote” delegates, he was again noncommittal. “We’ll see,” he said.

It’s understandable that Senator Lee is a bit cranky. He is up for reelection in November and was expected to easily cruise to another term before the curveball was thrown to him that the Democrats would be running a transgender named Misty Snow against him which is sure to attract lots of out of state money and liberal support. Ms. Unruh also has to have a king-sized bug up her ass after coming out and crowing that she had the votes to insert that “conscience clause” into the convention rules before the insurgency was put down late Thursday night.

While the Never Trumpers have proven themselves to be every bit the whiners that Black Lives Matter are they are now ready to give Hillary’s blacktivist army a run for their money when it comes to militancy.

Red State, which has served as the PRAVDA for the Never Trumpers also signals a donnybrook on the convention floor in the article “Senator Mike Lee Warns Of Revolt, Following RNC’s Defeat Of The Free The Delegates Movement”:

Lee is upset. The delegates are upset. This is a no-win situation because many of the concerns that Lee and others have about the nominee have not been properly addressed. This is akin to a hostile takeover of our party.

Dirty tactics, and not likely to instill any confidence in the party apparatus.

Trump’s people are doing what Trump’s people do: gloating.

Kendal Unruh, a Rules Committee member from Colorado and the head of the efforts to unbind the delegates has pledged a floor fight.

It’s about to get real ugly.

It is interesting that both Lee and Unruh are hard core social conservatives who like many elements of the once mighty Religious Right are angry and fearful that the Republican party of Donald Trump will place an emphasis on the earthly economic interests of voters, therefore diminishing their disproportionate amount of influence within the establishment. Trump represents an end to business as usual and an end to the pigs reaping the harvest of special interest and corporate cash after selling Evangelical Christians down the river with false promises that their concerns over a morally rotten country will be addressed through legislation. That con game has worked like a charm for a long time now and the livelihoods of many are in jeopardy if the more secular Trump takes control of the party apparatus and shakes all of the rotten apples out of the tree.

While religion plays an important part in the lives of millions and provides them with comfort and moral guidance it’s not beneficial to working folks when establishment snake oil salesmen can be assured of staying in office while singing promises of a glorious afterlife on Sugarcandy Mountain and promising to overturn Roe v. Wade – which incidentally remains standing after four decades. It may be an abominable government sanction of the murder of the unborn to many but it’s damned good politics for those types who Jesus Christ himself once condemned as Pharisees and Sadducees. Now it could just be a crazy conspiracy theory in the minds of some skeptics but with Lee and Unruh leading the charge to overthrow Trump would it be too much of a reach to suspect that ‘Lyin Ted may have been playing possum the entire time since he threw in the towel after being crushed in Indiana and never gave up his aspirations at being the nominee? In an interesting bit of info Cruz is reportedly meeting with the highly secretive and highly influential Council for National Policy (CNP) behind closed doors on Friday.

So the intrigue continues as Homeland Security and local authorities brace for an expect wave of violence and anarchy in Cleveland, a condition that could erupt on the arena floor if the Never Trumpers come through with threats of making it their last stand.