Having had their long-planned convention coup snuffed out in the Rules Committee, the treacherous Never Trumpers are planning to cause trouble in Cleveland anyway. According to a Washington Post story multiple disruptions will be used in order to foment disunity at the time that the party needs to unify in order to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. The ongoing efforts are being led by Ted Cruz loyalists, the loudest of which is porcine Coloradan Kendal Unruh who according to Politico continues to push the line that the delegates and not the actual American people are the ones who pick the nominee. There will be a big time ruckus in rock and roll city starting Monday between the R.A.T.’s who may as well be a fifth column representing the Clintons, as well as violent, racist agitators who will be coming to town with anarchy on their minds.

As reported by the Washington Post “Anti-Trump delegates consider several attempts to upend convention”:

Delegates to the Republican National Convention infuriated with top party leaders are mulling several different ways to upend carefully laid plans for the start of the nationally televised party meetings on Monday.

The details of what exactly might happen and whether there’s enough support to pull it off remained the focus of intense discussions on Saturday, with plotting expected to continue through Sunday, according to multiple people familiar with the planning. Several were reluctant do specify what they’re planning for fear that party leaders would thwart their plans before the start of the convention.

Ultimately, this group of delegates — increasingly resigned to the nomination of Donald Trump — is hoping to extract concessions from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on the structure of the national party.

The threat to try and embarrass the top ranks of the Republican Party comes as the glare of the global media begins turning to Cleveland, a city eagerly preparing for this week’s events. The Trump campaign has sought to ensure reporters that the party will leave Cleveland next week united in mission to defeat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hey, losing sucks and this is especially the case when it comes to politics. That being said, losers should do so with grace and dignity rather than engage in throwing tantrums that are more befitting of petulant children than reasonable adults. The idea that they expect concessions or they’ll wreak havoc makes them sound more like the unruly Black Lives Matter assholes than Republicans.

The WAPO story goes on:

Four to six “minority reports” are being drafted, she said. Other delegates, who declined to be identified, confirmed the plans.

A minority report can be introduced by members of the convention’s three committees on rules, the party platform and credentials. Usually the reports detail a proposal that was rejected by one of the committees.

“It is clear that the RNC wants to take total control of the party,” said Bowen, who was a member of the rules committee. “They would not even allow speaking on it. What is right and fair and transparent is when you let people speak.”

“To sound like Donald Trump — they rigged it,” said Kendal Unruh, a rules committee member from Colorado who led the charge to unbind delegates as the founder of Free the Delegates. “The very thing they scream about is the very thing they did. I want to make this point extraordinarily clear: What a bunch of liars they revealed themselves to be.”

Delegates the likes of Unruh and her ilk are a big part of what’s wrong with our political system and the entire primary season push to cheat Trump out of the nomination and it’s only fitting that she hails from the state where the scam was the most egregious. What is really the purpose of even having primaries and caucuses in the first place if the will of the voters isn’t honored? With whiny, entitled delegates who refuse to follow the rules it’s like they want a Soviet style politburo system instead of democracy.

One thing is for sure and that this is going to be one hell of an interesting week in Republican party politics.