As evident by the actions of ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban there is much danger in religious fanaticism and while she isn’t chopping off heads – yet anyway – rogue delegate Kendal Unruh is on a mission from God to save America from Donald Trump. The Denver based Ted Cruz operative is determined to block the nomination of the billionaire iconoclast at the convention despite a humiliating smackdown of her free the delegates effort by the convention rules committee.

Politico reports that “Never Trump plots last stand at Cleveland convention”:

Anti-Trump forces, preparing their final, desperate maneuver to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination, are struggling to settle on a strategy — and they’re down to their final day.

In hushed meetings in hotels dotting the downtown Cleveland on Saturday, deflated leaders of the effort discussed a slew of parliamentary tactics that may disrupt the GOP national convention — which begins here on Monday — but are unlikely to derail Trump himself.

For now, the favored strategy appears to be an attempt to block the convention’s 2,472 delegates from adopting a new set of party rules on Monday, rejecting the blueprint passed Thursday by the Convention Rules Committee. Anti-Trump operatives are cobbling together signatures from delegates in order to force a recorded vote on the rules package. They need the support of majorities in seven delegations to guarantee a vote. And if they succeed, their next challenge would be to furiously lobby the entire convention to reject the rules and add new language freeing them to rebel against Trump.

“I’m not going to let the Rules Committee think that they’re relevant,” said Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate and leader of the “Free the Delegates” movement. “I’m not going to empower them anymore. The power has been and will continue to be in the hands of the delegates.”

Ms. Unruh spoke in more starkly biblical terms during an appearance with Gordon James Klingenschmitt aka Dr. Chaps on his PJIN (Pray In Jesus Name) network show:

A condensed version of Unruh’s revelation of her mission for God is provided by liberal activist group Right Wing Watch:

Further details are described by the Denver Post in a fawning tribute to Unruh’s crusade as the Trump slayer entitled “Meet Kendal Unruh, the Colorado leader in the national Never Trump movement”:

From a kitchen table with a red-white-and-blue bowl filled with strawberries, inside a home with a red-white-and-blue flag on the porch, Kendal Unruh is plotting a political revolution.

Days before the Republican National Convention, Unruh and her confederates are strategizing on a conference call about how to accomplish what may prove to be impossible — blocking Donald Trump from capturing the party’s presidential nomination in Cleveland.

Unruh, a Colorado delegate pledged to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, flips through a binder that lists the names of other delegates from across the nation. To keep Trump from reaching the 1,237- delegate mark for a majority at the convention that opens Monday, she needs to convince delegates who are unsure about the candidate to “vote their conscience” against him, rather than follow the will of voters in their home states. Trump has 1,447 pledged delegates.

Her effort is a last-ditch chance for the “Never Trump” camp to defeat the New York billionaire. And Unruh — a 51-year-old American government teacher who belonged to a religious cult as a child and later become a prominent anti-abortion advocate in Colorado — has emerged as the national face of the campaign.

For a month now, Unruh (pronounced “un-ROO”) has worked the phones to win support for a rules change at the convention to “unbind” delegates. She calls her effort “Free the Delegates.”

Her pitch is straightforward. “Trump simply does not reflect what it means to be a conservative,” she said in an interview before departing for Cleveland. “He’s damaging to the brand.”

It’s difficult to reconcile Unruh’s record as a grass roots pro-life activist with her efforts to sink Trump and the entire Republican party along with him. An increasingly unlikely convention overthrow would result in a revolt by millions of pro-Trump voters and ensure that the three most horrifying words imaginable – President Hillary Clinton – would become a reality. Clinton would then have the opportunity to appoint at least three Supreme Court justices who will form a vanguard against religious freedom, forever cement abortion on demand as a national institution and crush free speech with a form of state enforced diversity that would border on totalitarianism. Unruh bemoans that fact that open primaries have drawn Dems and independents to back Trump which is exactly what is so alluring to him in the general election, the ability for crossover appeal. Has this nitwit never heard of the Reagan Democrats?

Despite their fervor it’s hard to see how the Never Trumpers are going to avoid being smited by the RNC if they pull any type of maneuver to overturn the will of the voters as well as the obligation of delegates to vote for the winner of their state primaries.