Showing once again how the Democrats and their armies of organized street thugs plan on using violence as a tool of political persuasion, a pack of leftists attacked talk radio host Alex Jones in Cleveland today. Mr. Jones, who runs the popular and has millions of listeners was exercising his right to free speech when a motley crew of anarchists set upon him and resulted in his being whisked away from the scene for his own safety.

The Hill is reporting that “InfoWars’s Alex Jones scuffles with Cleveland protesters”:

Radio host, InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones got in a tense scuffle with protesters in Cleveland on the second day of the Republican National Convention.
In a video of the incident, captured by Philadelphia-based journalist Aubrey Whelan, Jones is seen attempting to communicate his message through a loudspeaker when he comes face to face with protesters who were shouting, “Nazi scum!”
The police reportedly broke up the fight, and Jones drove off in a waiting SUV. It was unclear from reports which side started the confrontation.

Completely lost on the assailants who look like unwashed, dope smoking, full-fledged members of Bernie’s Bolsheviks aren’t too bright when it comes to history and should probably take some time to brush up. It was the Nazi Brownshirts who specialized in busting up political rallies with violence and despite the presstitute media with their Trump is Hitler analogies it is the Hillary-Soros-Sanders goon squads that are playing that particular role. Jones’ website is referring to the thugs as “communists” which is also a fitting description.

The encounter was the first outbreak of violence at the convention and things will only intensify as the week goes on and the real troublemakers start to arrive likely to include a heavily armed contingent from the racist New Black Panther Party who the degenerates that attacked Jones will have no problem with.

The establishment media loves to vilify Jones as a “conspiracy theorist” which is generally the choice pejorative for anyone who questions the official bullshit narrative on any given subject but he has been in the news quite a bit the last two days having come out as a Trump supporter who has regularly hosted Roger Stone on his radio show.

Jones managed to get under the skin of Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove in this classic video clip when the paths of the two intersected on their way to Cleveland. Alex Jones Attacked by Violent Leftists in Cleveland.