Immensely popular talk radio host Alex Jones is having himself quite the week in Cleveland at the Republican party convention. After making news when he was attacked by unwashed commie slackers aka Bernie Sanders fans, the Texan goaded liberal personality Cenk Uygur of the Democratic party propaganda show the Young Turks into an ugly public meltdown. Jones seemed to be enjoying himself while triggering the stocky Turkish-American host who lost his composure and unleashed a flurry of F bombs while the entire incident was recorded for posterity:

The Hill reports that “Young Turks host fights with Trump allies”:

A swearing match between famous and controversial media figures erupted on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur got into it with controversial Donald Trump allies Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

Uygur, the host of a popular left-wing web video show, called Stone a “piece of crap” and “the biggest liar in media.”

“Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!” shouted back Stone, a longtime Trump adviser who has no official role on the campaign.

InfoWars founder Jones stood over Uygur on the show’s set, holding a microphone, gesticulating in the progressive host’s face and urging him to debate Stone.

“First of all, Alex, this ain’t your f—— show,” Uygur shouted back. “And Roger, this surely ain’t your f—— show.”

The fight happened on Media Row at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Security had to intervene.

A young woman in a red dress began shouting at Jones, “Shut the f— up, bitch.”

It’s unclear from the video what exactly they were arguing about beyond name-calling (“anti-liberal,” “bitch,” “hatchet man,” “liar”) and a suggestion that Uygur doesn’t talk enough about Saudi Arabia.

It’s pretty damned entertaining and I must admit that I occasionally listen in to the Young Turks program in small doses for research purposes – for as long as I can stomach it anyway – and like so many other programs featuring the left, it’s a teeming sewer of Democratic party loyalists and hacks pretending to be objective. Uygur actually carried the water for Bernie Sanders for awhile but like all of the other liberal lemmings is preparing to lay down the carpet of lies like so many rose petals scattered at Queen Hillary’s feet as she stomps toward the White House. At the end of the video clip there is a really foul-mouthed bitch dropping F bombs as well, that is however her normal demeanor on the Young Turks and what sadly passes for intellectual liberal discourse these days. The producers should really wash her mouth out with a good chunk of very strong soap before putting her on the air.

Joining in on the fun with pushing Mr. Uygur’s buttons is Trump ally Roger Stone who it was announced today was teaming up with Jones to ensure that Tricky Ted Cruz will face a primary challenge for his Senate seat in 2018 after he hijacked the convention on Wednesday and was subsequently booed off of the stage.

The libs and progs are really becoming unraveled now that they are realizing the monumental task that they have in polishing their turd of a candidate in the face of a full scale rebellion against the corrupt establishment.