While Donald Trump made his case for the highest office in the land last night, the Democrats prepared their counter-offensive. With Trump’s call for a routing of the corrupt establishment, the restoration of law and order and putting America first sure to resonate with millions it is going to be a tough rock to roll for the Dems as they prep for Queen Hillary’s coronation next week. All hands will be on deck to do battle with Trump – and by extension the American people – and that includes Bernie the betrayer who sold out his movement by throwing in with the high priestess of political corruption. Trump made it a point to appeal to Sanders supporters and that would be the worst nightmare of the Democrats, so the braying old goat was tasked with keeping the sheep inside of the holding pen.

The servile old dog live-tweeted Trump’s acceptance speech:

While Sanders is in denial that many of those who supported him may bolt for Trump whose America First message is resonating in the Rust Belt, they will indeed do exactly that considering that Hillary is now the last man standing in defense of the status quo and has a lot of favors to pay back.