It is Clintonian triangulation at it’s finest. Queen Hillary has managed to thread the needle to pander to Latino’s by selecting a longtime Democrat insider who is as white as alabaster but does habla español as if he is straight out of the barrio. A cynic of epic proportions, Mrs. Clinton’s latest move just may be definitive proof that Satan is walking the Earth and has a vagina. Hillary ventured deep into Marco Rubio territory for the product roll-out of TPP Tim Kaine, a man fluent in Spanish who thrilled a Miami audience and upped the ante in her battle with Donald Trump. Hillary and the Democrats will whip up every identity group in America into a cop-murdering rage just as long as that animosity can be channeled into a big turnout at the polls come November 8th.

As reported by CNN in the story “Kaine in Miami: ‘Bienvenidos a todos’”:

Tim Kaine took the stage alongside Hillary Clinton in Miami Saturday and offered his first greeting to voters as a vice presidential nominee — in Spanish.

“Bienvenidos a todos,” the Virginia senator said, a phrase that translates to “welcome to everyone.”

Clinton and Kaine’s first joint appearance as running mates at a campaign rally here marked the official unveiling of the Democratic ticket. The duo will face off against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Right off the bat, the contrast that the Clinton campaign will seek to highlight between Kaine and the Republican ticket during the general election was clear.

Speaking at Florida International University, a campus that is more than half Hispanic, Kaine described his vision for an inclusive country. Dipping in and out in Spanish several times, he drew on his experiences as mayor, governor and the time he spent helping Jesuit missionaries in Honduras to emphasize the importance of service.

“I’ve always believed that however you serve, what matters is whether you actually deliver results for people,” Kaine said. “That’s been my goal in every position I’ve ever held.”

Kaine sheepishly acknowledged that he may not be a household name, saying: “This might be the first time you’ve heard my name.”

But unlike the famous real estate mogul on the other side of the political aisle, Kaine argued, his heart was in the right place.

“Do you want a trash-talking president or a bridge-building president? Donald Trump trash-talks folks with disabilities. Trash-talks Mexican-Americans and Latinos,” Kaine said. “With Donald Trump, it’s me first!”

Then, riffing with the crowd, he added: “You’re right, he doesn’t trash-talk everybody — he likes Vladimir Putin.”

You almost have to grudgingly admire Hillary’s huevos in stunning the useful idiot Bernie supporters who actually believed that the old socialist goat would have input on the party platform – which is non-binding – once he gave in and sold out his troops to the party elite. The progressives were looking to have a sop thrown to them like Pocahontas as Clinton’s running mate but instead she picked a devious insider who is a perfect match for her agenda of whoring out to Wall Street banks at home and continuing to wage costly and unnecessary wars abroad.

Senator Kaine’s playing of the Putin card is further evidence that the neocons are ready to make their mass exodus from the GOP back to the party that puked them up in the first place. Old Vladimir has been vilified by the corrupt media ever since he pissed in the punch bowl and rudely thwarted that 2013 regime change in Syria and Hillary’s old State Department has put a target on his back ever since. Trump had the audacity to suggest that the obsolete Cold War dinosaur NATO should have to pay it’s own way and his America First vision is something that must be strangled in the cradle before people get dangerous ideas. You would never know it from the deceptive coverage from the in-the pocket establishment media but a very dangerous game is being played with NATO’s continued encirclement of Russia and with the blood-thirsty Hillary itching to prove that she belongs at the men’s table she is certain to push for a reckless escalation that could trigger a full scale nuclear war. Kaine’s opening gambit is a sign of things to come where Trump will eventually be accused of taking his orders directly from the Kremlin.

If America is to have a future – other than learning to live with nuclear fallout – then the maniacal Hillary needs to be kept out of the White House at all costs. Trump is absolutely correct in calling out her role in destabilizing the Middle East with her great idea for regime change in Libya, a misadventure that has flooded Europe with refugees and unleashed the super-charged radical Islamist menace that is ISIS. She took great pride in that one too as the below film clip shows:

The mark of Kaine only makes her more dangerous and it is up to Americans to reject her wave of fear-mongering, racist demagoguery before her hubris kills millions.