New York Daily News columnist/Black Lives Matter mouthpiece Shaun King is at it again. As the leftist fruitcakes in this country continue to expose themselves as intolerant fascists on a daily basis, King has predicted that there will be a Turkey style coup in America if Donald Trump is elected president. The nation’s preeminent Cam Newton jock-sniffer has been doing his best to stir the pot of racial animosity and this pronouncement will surely please his legions of cop-hating fans.

The major flaw in King’s prognostication of an uprising against Trump when compared to Turkey is that the government won and strongman President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is cracking down hard with prisons and morgues likely to see booming business for the foreseeable future.

A similar effort would fail spectacularly in America for a number of reasons. One would be that President Trump would control the military. Two would be that presuming that Trump wins, he would have the majority of the public supporting him and his victory would have been the partially aided by his vow to restore law and order. Three would be that King is a fucking idiot and he would find himself on the wrong end of the the inevitable push-back along with his anarchist pals.

He had best pay attention to what is going down in Turkey now that Erdogan has declared a three-month state of emergency, plenty of time to liquidate the insurgents. It’s one thing to snipe away from a newspaper column and act like a Che Guevara wannabe on Twitter but reality would come down very hard on this little man’s fantasy world if any such thing were attempted here.

King has moved on from agitating for an overthrow of democracy to defending censorship in his latest column “Twitter is right to permanently ban bigots who target and harass its users” which shows how liberals truly feel about free speech, a concept that they no longer even bother pretending to respect these days.