Democrats and pundits snickered and mocked the Republican convention last week as they prepped for their own extravaganza that was promoted as a spectacle of diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness and most of all a show of unity against the devil Donald Trump. But shit happens and that is exactly the case after Friday’s Wikileaks release of thousands of internal DNC emails showing scheming, media collusion and most embarrassing of all – an internal effort to take down Bernie Sanders.

The understanding that Bernie would meekly surrender and direct his supporters to line up behind Queen Hillary is in tatters today after the latest email scandal has rocked the party days short of the coronation that has been over eight years in the making. While Hillary hacks like Robby Mook have reacted to the bombshells by wailing wild-assed conspiracy theories blaming Putin for the hacking there is a frantic effort at damage control ongoing that has claimed the butt-ugly head of DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz who has been erased from the convention and replaced by Ohio Democrat Marcia Fudge.

According to the Hill “DNC chairwoman will not speak, preside over convention: report”:

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not be speaking at nor presiding over the Democratic convention this week, CNN reported.

Wasserman Schultz’s position as the convention chairwoman was rescinded Saturday by the DNC Rules Committee, according to the network.

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) instead will assume the role as the permanent chair of the convention.

The news comes after a trove of emails was released by WikiLeaks last week that appeared to show top officials at the DNC planning how to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.

Wasserman Schultz came under fire several times during the primary contests after the Sanders campaign accused the chairwoman of bias against his campaign. Sanders on Sunday called for the chairwoman to step down following the email leaks.

In one leaked email, the DNC press secretary wrote to the party’s communications director about planting a narrative to the media that Sanders’s “campaign was a mess.” Another email appears to show a plan to question Sanders’s religion.

The email leak came just days before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

With Wasserman Schultz’s dirty tricks now having finally come around to bite her in the ass it may be too little too late to replace her to extinguish what looks like a serious dumpster fire. While Congresswoman Fudge – who is black – puts an identity group face on the convention, the damage has been done. Bernie is fuming and is demanding that Wasserman Schultz resign, Hillary will understandably be loathe to throw her top DNC apparatchik under the bus but the gangrenous appendage must be lopped off before it spreads to the body itself – which it probably already has.

This is gonna be one hell of a shit show folks so grab some popcorn.