Despite having been humiliated and stabbed in the back by Queen Hillary’s winged monkeys at the DNC, Bernie Sanders is still going along with the program and will line up to kiss her pasty white ass right on schedule. Rather than tell the corrupt Democratic party establishment to go to directly to Hell, the dickless wonder from Vermont will accept the blood sacrifice of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and betray his revolution. It is a pathetic and sad thing to watch but many including myself had predicted that he would always knuckle under and sell out to the Clinton crime machine. Republican nominee Donald Trump has certainly taken notice and laid into the cringing old dog on Twitter.

The Democratic party of 2016 has much in common with George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm. In that immortal take on the perils of revolution the story is told using barnyard animals as the primary characters in what was a metaphor for the Russian revolution and the emergence of one of history’s most barbaric and repressive regimes led by Joseph Stalin.

The aging pig Old Major gathers the barnyard denizens one night to deliver a vision of revolution freeing them from the cruelty of man — in this case the drunken farmer who was their overlord — and inspired an uprising that would lead to the animals taking over the farm. A new order was established led by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball. For a period there was great harmony, improved conditions for all animals and a set of seven commandments empowering the beasts in their quest to be free from their human masters.

However, the bliss was only temporary as friction between the cunning Napoleon and idealistic Snowball over leadership of the new order developed and festered and the seeds were sown for a betrayal. An effort was made by Mr. Jones to recapture control of his farm and a valiant defense was led by Snowball — who was wounded in the process — to repel the attack in what became known as the Battle of the Cowshed. The pig was held in great reverence for his heroism under fire but it was the high-water mark of the revolt.

While Snowball worked at improving conditions for the betterment of ALL animals, a retirement pasture, increased rations, sharing in the fruits of their labor and the construction of a windmill that would ease their burden his foe slyly prepared for his own counter-revolution.

One day, Napoleon made his move during one of the democratic sessions of the animals by unleashing upon Snowball the nine puppies that he had been ‘educating’ who had now grown into ferocious beasts and the benevolent pig barely escaped with his life. Napoleon then assumed control, protected by his canine police and aided by the duplicitous fellow pig Squealer who would serve as the disseminator of his propaganda among the flock.

Soon the barnyard animals’ conditions began deteriorating under the new reign of the pigs who reinstated the harsh conditions of the pre-revolution days while themselves occupying the residence of the former human owner as though it were their castle. The whips of the oppressors were now in the hooves of the pigs and before long Napoleon began to conduct violent purges led by his savage dogs as well as to begin to subject the other animals to a reign of cruelty far worse than that of what they ever experienced under Mr. Jones. The pigs began taking on the characteristics of the humans — who Napoleon had begun conducting business with – and soon even developed a taste for whiskey.

The tale reaches it’s harrowing conclusion when the beloved aged workhorse Boxer who had blindly supported Napoleon injures himself and can no longer work. Looking forward to a retirement of leisure in his dwindling years, Boxer is instead sold by the pigs to the “knacker” who will slaughter him and boil his body down to make glue. The pigs used the proceeds from the sale to buy themselves more whiskey.

The point of the digression into Animal Farm is that while during the era that it was written it served as a rebuke of communism, it is easily translatable into modern terms with the Democratic party itself cast as the pigs. Mrs. Clinton could easily slip into the role of Napoleon, with Elizabeth Warren being a perfect fit for Squealer and poor old Bernie is the doomed Boxer.

He will deliver his plea to support Hillary this week in Philly and then off to the glue factory with him!