As the seemingly endless campaign season has dragged on it would be hard to argue that there isn’t an unprecedented bias in the coverage given to Republican candidate Donald Trump. Not only is the outsider the subject of weekly coordinated smear campaigns – the latest being that he is Putin’s puppet – but any serious efforts to examine the Clinton crime family and their sordid activities are non-existent. While the DNC emails released by Wikileaks exposed that there was indeed collusion between the Democrats and certain media outlets, CNN’s star anchorman Wolf Blitzer was caught on video partying and boozing while Queen Hillary was crowned. The network is pushing back against accusations that Blitzer would set aside his journalistic integrity in order to play favorites.

According to The Hill “CNN: Anchor Wolf Blitzer wasn’t celebrating Clinton nomination”:

CNN is pushing back on claims that one of its lead news anchors was seen celebrating Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination for president Thursday night, calling the accusation “absurd.”

A video circulating online shows anchor Wolf Blitzer dancing to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” while drinking from a glass and waving his hands in the air, apparently at the network’s CNN Grill in Philadelphia.

“CNN celebrates Hillary: Blitzer toasts speech, dancing, party!” reads a headline at the conservative Drudge Report, linking to the video.

But a CNN spokesman said Friday that Blitzer was not showing bias toward the Democratic nominee, only celebrating the end of the network’s coverage of both parties’ national conventions.

“After two straight weeks on the road covering both conventions, the last night at the Grill was a time to unwind, have a drink and celebrate CNN’s tremendous success,” said a statement from the network.

“CNN staffers and their guests — both Republicans and Democrats, joined in the fun. To suggest it was anything more than that is, quite simply, absurd.”

But despite CNN’s vehement denials it’s pretty obvious that Wolf got caught with his hand in the cookie jar at least according to the video evidence:

Is there any wonder why some refer to CNN as the Clinton News Network?