It’s been pretty clear now that establishment Republicans and their oligarch funders would sooner throw the election to Hillary Clinton than risk losing their rackets to a dangerous reformer like Donald Trump – now it’s confirmed. With Republicans far and wide refusing to work together to defeat the Clintons and the packing of the Supreme Court with flaming liberals the big money is not only not backing Trump but in one instance – refraining to fund ads criticizing Hillary in the general election. By doing so, the Koch Brothers are slyly putting their thumbs on the scale for the Clinton restoration.

As reported by CNN “Koch brothers network rules out anti-Clinton ads”:

The powerful political network helmed by Charles and David Koch is ruling out running advertisements intended to hurt Hillary Clinton, another sign of their insistence on avoiding the presidential race.

The Koch network has previously said they will not back Republican candidate Donald Trump, but on Saturday officials told reporters that they would not run negative Clinton spots, a position taken by some Republican groups that are uneasy with the controversial GOP standard-bearer. The group is laser-focused on maintaining and expanding the Senate majority — in the midst of a $42 million television advertising campaign focused on a half-dozen states — and would only use Clinton to bash Senate Democratic hopefuls.

Network officials outlined their plans here as 400 of their donors prepared to hear from a roster of Republican leaders. House Speaker Paul Ryan is among the politicians who scored invites to one of the nation’s most sought-after political retreats at a lavish campus nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Ryan will be joined here at the summit hosted by the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce alongside up-and-coming Republicans like Senators Cory Gardner of Colorado, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Mike Lee of Utah, Koch spokesman James Davis said Saturday. Other speakers will include Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado.

The Koch network is sitting out of the presidential campaign entirely, a blow to Trump’s presidential ambitions. Trump claimed in a tweet Saturday that he declined a meeting request from Charles and David Koch this weekend, though Koch officials say that they were not aware of any contact with him on Friday when both the Kochs and Trump coincidentally were in Colorado Springs at the same time.

The Koch Brothers are the favorite bogeymen of the left and it’s ironic that by refusing to underwrite efforts to stop Hillary that they will be in some degree helping the liberal cause if she wins in November. Like many other prominent GOP sugar daddies they stand to benefit by having the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) crammed down America’s throats (with a big assist from Paul Ryan) and the drive to give amnesty to illegal aliens in order to keep wages suppressed. Trump opposes both so therefore he must be defeated.

In proving that the high-rollers can have their cake and eat it too the Koch network will be using Hillary in a negative context during the congressional races that they will be funding including amnesty flip-flopper Marco Rubio, who will be cleaned up and refined for 2020 after the initial product launch failed miserably.

According to the Washington Post “Koch political network plans to invoke Hillary Clinton in Senate ads”:

The Koch political network, which has steadfastly refused to engage in the 2016 presidential contest, plans to invoke Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in paid messages to voters as part of its campaigns supporting GOP Senate candidates, top officials said Saturday.

“We are going to tie the Democrat candidates to Hillary Clinton and the failed policies that she supports, and highlight the differences with the Republican candidates that we favor and that we’re supporting,” said Mark Holden, chairman of the board of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the network’s funding arm.

In Ohio, for example, Koch-backed groups may hit Democratic Senate contender and former Ohio governor Ted Strickland on his energy stance, comparing his position to that of Clinton’s.

But Holden said the network has no plans to run an explicit campaign opposing Clinton’s efforts to reach the White House, saying: “We are going to differentiate on policies alone. It’s not going to be anti-Hillary.”

The plans to invoke Clinton in Senate ads come as the network is under pressure from some of its wealthy donors to get off the sidelines and use its national field infrastructure and paid advertising capacity to back GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. But Koch Industries chief executive Charles Koch has refused to budge, repeatedly expressing his dismay with Trump’s tone and policy positions.

The funding of certain Senate candidates and the presence of Beltway wunderkind and corporate Trojan horse Paul Ryan at the big Colorado donor gathering should raise eyebrows and have inquiring minds asking questions on whether an actual power-sharing deal has been brokered to put Hillary into the White House and preserve the careers of those in Congress who will be her lackeys just as Boehner, McConnell and Ryan have been for Obama.

Once again we can see how America has become the best democracy that money can buy.