A top adviser to Hillary Rotten-Clinton has divulged that the Democratic party presidential nominee is more concerned with the borders of the Eurasian shithole Ukraine than those in the USA. With the newly crowned queen engaged in shameless red-baiting demagogy and the corrupt media eating it up like pigs devouring slop, the issue of securing our own porous borders has disappeared. This is no coincidence given that the Wall Street fat cats who are underwriting Mrs. Clinton’s campaign are counting on her granting amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens to keep wages down.

According to The Hill “Clinton campaign blasts Trump’s Ukraine comments“:

A senior policy adviser to Hillary Clinton called out Donald Trump on Sunday for mistakenly saying that Russian president Vladimir Putin would not invade Ukraine.

“While Trump hasn’t mastered basic facts about the world, he has mastered Putin’s talking points on Crimea (which, of course, the United States and most of the world still recognizes as part of Ukraine),” said Jake Sullivan in a statement. “Today, he gamely repeated Putin’s argument that Russia was justified in seizing the sovereign territory of another country by force.”

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Trump said that Putin would not invade Ukraine — even though Russia annexed part of the country known as Crimea in 2014.

The Ukraine situation is a complicated one which the American people have been deliberately misled by the media on and those in the State Department infatuated with regime change do not benefit from fair and accurate reporting. One reason why the Clinton people are hammering it so hard is that it’s nearly certain that Hillary’s Secretary of State will be Victoria Nuland, a woman who was caught on an intercepted phone call picking out the new leadership of the country before the coup in Kiev that dislodged former leader Viktor Yanukovych while serving as John Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State. Predictably, the media is zeroing in on Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort who once served as a lobbyist for the Yanukovych government. It’s another part in the ongoing and multi-faceted smear campaign to tie Trump to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and tar his supporters as traitors to the country in the run-up to the election.

Trump’s comments on Crimea – made to Clinton toady George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning TV – are being mocked by the elite media but this is also a complicated issue. In the aftermath of the toppling of the leadership in Kiev, Russia moved to annex Crimea and in doing so protect their Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol which would have been seized by the freeloaders in NATO. Crimea also was historically a part of Russia until 1954 when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave it away in what legend would have it – a moment influenced by alcohol consumption. Trump’s heresy on recognizing the annexation has Hillary, the neocons and the Washington policy mandarins foaming at the mouth and if the fiendish bitch gets elected you can count on Crimea being the flashpoint for what could develop into World War III.

Hillary and her media minions are going totally batshit over all things Russian – cynically out of the idea that she can use allegations of Russian intelligence hacks of her emails to cover her ass if a smoking gun were to emerge – but how it is going to sell with ordinary Americans who are concerned more about our own porous borders and the occupying army of wage depressing, anchor baby dropping, social service draining illegal aliens is unknown.

One thing is for certain and that is the fact that Hillary, the corrupt media and her Republican allies have completely hijacked the discussion over actual issues that resonate with Americans who have been on the receiving end of the job destroying force of nature that is globalism. Trump appealed to those who have been economically left behind as jobs have been offshored by the millions and they have been forced to compete with illegals and cheap foreign workers imported on H1-B visas. It’s a pretty fair assessment to say that globalism has broken the backs of a middle class that was once the envy of the world and millions of voters want to put America first and rebuild their own country instead of sinking trillions into global military crusades and nation building.

It’s hard to see how the fixation on Ukraine’s borders does one damn thing to help ordinary Americans and Queen Hillary has no intention of doing anything like that if elected.