The latest load of crap that the media is throwing at the wall in the hope that something will stick is a wave of stories that are popping up which speculate that Donald Trump is on the verge of abandoning his historic run for the presidency. The GOP establishment is in full blown panic mode over Trump’s hedging on endorsing it’s superstar Paul Ryan in his primary next week and the result is total chaos while the Hillary friendly media is gutting Trump like a deer with zero opposition from the party which is throwing their own nominee under the bus. Judging by the intensity of the freak out it seems as if Ryan may be in greater danger of being “Cantored” than thought possible. The stories cite unnamed insiders who claim that the GOP is searching for a replacement for the outsider who has now gone totally rogue.

While the media pushed the story hard on Wednesday the RNC denied it. According to the Hill “RNC: Trump will be on ballot”:

The Republican National Committee is categorically denying reports that party officials are looking into how to replace Donald Trump in case he drops out of the presidential race before Election Day.

No one at national party headquarters has been instructed to look into that doomsday scenario, RNC strategist Sean Spicer said, and speculation that the RNC might pressure Trump to drop out of the race is unfounded.

Spicer insisted that there is no chance that anyone else will be the ballot in November.

“Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party full-stop,” Spicer told The Hill. “That’s the reality. The rest is just a media-pundit concoction.”

The Trump campaign is also dismissing reports of turmoil in the campaign and the Republican Party as a media creation.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort noted in a Fox News interview that Team Trump raised $80 million in July, its best haul yet, and said that the campaign is furiously expanding in key battleground states.

He shot down a report that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and other Trump allies were planning an “intervention” for the candidate to get him back on track.

“The only need we have for an intervention is maybe with some media types who keep saying things that aren’t true,” Manafort said.

Still, party leaders are working furiously to get Trump back on message after a disastrous stretch in which he has veered wildly off course and renewed fears among Republicans that he will lead them to electoral disaster in the fall.

One party source told The Hill that Priebus is “furious” with Trump for spending the last few days publicly feuding with the Muslim parents of a slain U.S. soldier and for declining to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Priebus is close friends with Ryan, a fellow Wisconsin native, and their supporters believe both men have stuck their necks out for Trump only to have him turn around and humiliate them.

Priebus has communicated his anger to Manafort and other campaign officials, pushing for Trump to turn his fire on Hillary Clinton, rather than GOP leaders.

While Mr. Priebus is calling for Trump to attack Clinton it’s pretty damned hard to do so when the media is absolutely hammering the candidate on the choreographed Khzir Khan smear attack and his fellow Republicans have hung Trump out to dry. Perhaps Reince Priebus should put his wounded ego – and loyalty to Cheesehead mafia kingpin Ryan – aside and get his own troops back on message in mounting an offensive on Hillary. The Democrat’s queen is not only getting a free pass right now but also help from Republicans looking to protect their own asses rather than working as a team to keep her out of the White House and preventing the end of America as it has existed.