The Democrats are like a band that only knows one song and plays it over and over again. The song – a ditty called Trump is a racist – should have been worn out by now but with a corrupt media and what seems to be a desire to stir up a race war, the Dems keep cranking it up. So it was that TPP Tim Kaine went before a black audience and fed it bloody red meat by the shovelful on Thursday in order to once again exploit the growing climate of racial unrest that has exploded across Obamastan.

As reported by Politico “Kaine accuses Trump of history of racism”:

Tim Kaine showed up. Donald Trump’s campaign didn’t.

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee made a special trip here on Thursday, veering off the battleground campaign trail to address the National Urban League’s presidential plenary. He received a warm reception from city planners and elected officials for an address focusing on how friendly the Democratic ticket is to big cities across the country that grapple with crime, economic disparities and failing infrastructure.

And he was able to get in a tough jab at Trump without the GOP campaign being able to punch back. Kaine contrasted the efforts of his father-in-law, former Virginia GOP Gov. Linwood Holton, on integrating the state’s public schools with lawsuits alleging Trump and his family were hostile to black renters in the 1970s.

“Around the time my father-in-law desegregated Virginia’s schools,” Kaine said, “the Justice Department had filed suit after Donald Trump and his father were refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans. It was one of the largest federal cases of its kind at the time.”

The remark instantly rippled through the audience here and across social media, demonstrating to some Democrats that the Clinton-Kaine ticket is paying attention to cities that aren’t electorally competitive because they are overwhelmingly Democratic.

Kaine “realizes the pain. He may not be able to fully feel the pain, but he realizes there’s pain. And I don’t know that Trump even realizes there’s pain with regard to the African-American community and what we’ve been through,” said Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) in an interview afterward.

Though Trump has vowed to help rebuild America’s inner cities, the campaign did not send an emissary to address attendees at this conference, despite invitations from Urban League President Marc H. Morial. And so the Clinton campaign got the stage all to itself.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign accepted our invitation and sent their vice-presidential nominee, Tim Kaine,” Morial said, stressing the organization’s unsuccessful bipartisan entreaties. “The Donald Trump campaign, who we spoke with and corresponded with a number of times, declined our invitation.”

While continuing to serve as water carriers for the Clinton campaign with their promulgating of the constant message of Trump’s alleged racism, the hacks at Politico (remember that the DNC ties to this very organization were exposed by Wikileaks) are also using Team Trump’s unwillingness to send their candidate into a hostile environment where he would have been booed offstage by the obviously biased crowd as more proof of his disdain for blacks.

Kaine is doubling-down on divisiveness after the insane week of exploiting the Muslim parents of a dead American soldier for political gain and fomenting a climate of animosity and distrust. This is a dangerous game for Hillary and her establishment stooge running mate and could blow up in their faces at any time, nullifying whatever advantage they have gained by the weeks running bombardment of Trump. Despite every attempt to rig the game and even fix the election there is still the possibility of the Clinton crime family being undone by events. Does anyone truly believe that the Black Lives Matter anarchists – who have been amazingly well-behaved since the Dem convention – won’t take to the streets in violence again before November. Another cop killing by one of these animals could quickly swing the momentum the other way and even if the media would blame it all on Trump they would  be doing so after their credibility has been squandered.

This is truly disgusting to witness such demagoguery and Kaine is going to have blood on his hands the next time that an out of control black militant murders a bunch of law enforcement officers.