Despite what the in-the-bag media would have everyone believe, black racists also exist and they are a key part of the establishment pushing for Hillary Clinton’s election. Such racial animosity pimps throw about dog whistle phrases such as “white privilege” which is the equivalent of calling all blacks lazy, watermelon chomping welfare cheats but it’s never pointed out. Now black New York Times columnist Charles Blow has coined more code-speak with his tabbing of millions of Donald Trump supporters as being afflicted with “white male fragility” which drives them to hate Negroes.

According to Mr. Blow “Trump Reflects White Male Fragility”:

He appeals to something deeper, something baser: Fear. His whole campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is in fact an inverted admission of loss — lost primacy, lost privilege, lost prestige.

And who feels that they have lost the most? White men.

As the New York Times’ Upshot pointed out in July, “According to our estimates, Mrs. Clinton is doing better among basically every group of voters except for white men without a degree.” Put another way: “Hillary Clinton is largely performing as well or better than Barack Obama did in 2012, except among white men without a degree.”

Indeed, a Monday report in The Times put it this way: “A New York Times/CBS News poll two weeks ago found that white men preferred her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, to Mrs. Clinton almost two to one, 55 percent to 29 percent.”

These are the voters keeping Trump’s candidacy alive.

He appeals to a regressive, patriarchal American whiteness in which white men prospered, in part because racial and ethnic minorities, to say nothing of women as a whole, were undervalued and underpaid, if not excluded altogether.

White men reigned supreme in the idealized history, and all was good with the world. (It is curious that Trump never specifies a period when America was great in his view. Did it overlap with the women’s rights, civil rights or gay rights movements? For whom was it great?)


There is a portion of the population that feels threatened by unrelenting change — immigration, globalization, terrorism, multiculturalism — and those people want someone to, metaphorically at least, build a wall around their cultural heritage, which they conflate in equal measure with American heritage.

In their minds, whether explicitly or implicitly, America is white, Christian, straight and male-dominated. If you support Trump, you are on some level supporting his bigotry and racism. You don’t get to have a puppy and not pick up the poop.

And acceptance of racism is an act of racism. You are convicted by your complicity.

I am not accustomed to dancing around an issue; I prefer to call it what it is. I prefer to shine a bright light on it until it withers. Supporting Trump is indefensible and it makes you as much of a pariah as he is.

As Toni Morrison once told Charlie Rose:

“Don’t you understand that the people who do this thing, who practice racism, are bereft? There is something distorted about the psyche. It’s a huge waste, and it’s a corruption, and a distortion. Its like it’s a profound neurosis that nobody examines for what it is.”

That stops here, today. For as long as racism and tribalism and xenophobia exist in this country, Trump’s foibles will not signal his ultimate failure. But let’s not let off the people who prop him up, claiming that they’re simply being party loyalists, or Hillary haters or having Supreme Court concerns.

Trump is a mirror. He is a reflection of — indeed a revealing of — the ugliness that you harbor, only it is possible that you may have gone your life expressing it in ways that were more coded and politic. Trump is an unfiltered primal scream of the fragility and fear consuming white male America.

There is that recurrent meme that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” means anything but a restoration of economic opportunity, a rejection of globalism and a focus on domestic priorities instead of lucrative foreign wars in which the establishment gets rich by agitating and then arming both sides. No, if you listen to the pimps of racial animosity like Blow it’s a call for a return to the days of segregation, Jim Crow laws and perhaps even slavery. That so many believe this horseshit is a testament to the might of the American propaganda machine, if this sort of technology and psychological warfare methodology were available to Joseph Goebbels then the Nazis would now rule the planet.

With the nation’s so-called newspaper of record publishing such a bigoted screed it is clear that there is to be zero objectivity in efforts to stop Trump and demonize those who support him. The NYT also published another smoking chunk of bullshit propaganda this week demonizing white males for not rejecting Trump, the underlying narrative that is forming is that it won’t be enough to just smear Trump, Blow, the NYT and the full force of the corrupt media is coming after Americans who only seek their right to participate in free and fair elections and that fits the definition of fascism.