In an effort to thread the needle and not upset the Black Lives Matter anarchists, Team Hillary has given the cold shoulder to the nation’s largest police union. Officials with the Fraternal Order of Police expressed their dismay with the Clinton camp over what they have described as a snubbing.

The Hill reports “Police union: Clinton snubbed us”:

Top officials at the biggest police union in the country are upset with Hillary Clinton, saying she snubbed them.

The leader of the National Fraternal Order of Police told The Hill that the Democrat sent a signal through her staff that she wouldn’t be seeking the union’s endorsement.

It sends a powerful message. To be honest with you, I was disappointed and shocked,” said Chuck Canterbury, the president of the National Fraternal Order of Police.

“You would think with law enforcement issues so much in the news that even if she had disagreements with our positions, that she would’ve been willing to say that.”

Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, is now actively seeking the union’s support as he trumpets a “law and order” message on the campaign tail.

Canterbury spoke to The Hill in a telephone interview Friday, shortly after he left Trump Tower in Manhattan.

He and other leaders of the police union — which says it represents 335,000 members — visited with Trump on Friday morning to sound out the Republican nominee about his positions on issues of importance to law enforcement officers. Politico first reported the meeting.

The union will not be meeting with Clinton because her campaign decided not to fill out a questionnaire that is required for seeking the police union’s endorsement.

“We were talking to the highest levels of the campaign, and we had all indications that she was going to return the questionnaire,” Canterbury said.

“And on the deadline date we were advised that they declined.”

The Fraternal Order of Police has a strict process for making a presidential endorsement.

Hillary and the rest of the Dems – especially Pocahontas Warren – have shown that when it comes to law and order that they are on the side of disorder. The queen’s unwillingness to distance herself from the BLM cop haters and their proclivity for mayhem is an outrage.

In this most contentious of election campaigns the Democrats have shown time and again that they are hellbent at exploiting racial unrest for political gain. With their fuck the pigs attitude, the Black Lives Matter mob should be the last group that a serious contender for the highest office in the land should pander to and yet Mrs. Clinton has done exactly that. Such a cynical psychopath is unfit for the presidency and in addition to her myriad of other disqualifying characteristics this one takes the cake. She would incite a race war and dance on top of the carnage as long as it resulted in her taking up residence in the White House.