When it comes to liberal slimeballs there are few more odious than Bill Maher. HBO’s star comic may as well be a paid operative for the Democratic party as he uses his popular show as a forum to wage war on basic American decency. The sacrilegious, porn star balling, dope smoking, foul-mouthed Maher has a huge ax to grind with Donald Trump and he has been brandishing it much as of late. During this week’s show, the degenerate Maher fired a shot in the next big battle in the war on Trump which will be the demonizing of his supporters and affixing to them a social stigma over their choice to exercise their right to participate in our sham democracy. It’s a modern variation on shaming and will result in millions of Americans having the scarlet letter of RACIST all but burned onto their foreheads with a branding iron. This is no laughing matter either, it’s only a matter of time until stories of workplace harassment and terminations start being used as weapons against Trump backers.

According to Mediaite “Maher Battles Republican Guests: The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Your ‘Fact-Free Racist’ Base!”:

Bill Maher tonight clashed with Rick Santorum and CNN conservative commentator Tara Setmayer over the fact that Donald Trump may not be the real problem with the GOP…

Santorum and Setmayer first fought between themselves, seeing as how Santorum’s thrown in with Trump and Setmayer’s appalled by him. Setmayer called Trump a con artist and Santorum insisted he’s a sincere man with a couple of minor flaws.

But then Maher told both of them the problem isn’t really Trump, because the Republicans “handcuffed themselves to a dead hooker… but the head hooker is not really Trump, it’s the voters.”

He said it’s the “fact-free racist rednecks” in the GOP base that’s the problem, because they’ve latched onto the party now.

Maher’s show also featured a titanic battle between Rob “Meathead” Reiner and former Republican Senator Rick Santorum. Leftist bonehead Tom Boggioni over at Raw Sewage Raw Story saluted Reiner as some sort of conquering hero in his piece “Furious Rob Reiner opens up a can of whoop-ass on Rick Santorum for repeating Trump’s lies”:

Former Senator Rick Santorum ran into a buzzsaw during the panel discussion on HBO’s Real Time Friday night, with host Bill Maher and guest Rob Reiner taking shots at Santorum for continuing to back GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

It was a contentious segment with everyone on the panel — including conservative commentator Tara Setmayer — hammering on a clearly pained Santorum who maintained his support for Trump while at the same time admitting that the new face of the Republican Party is a flawed candidate.

While Maher got off some harsh comments on Trump and his followers — calling his voting base “fact-free racist rednecks” — it was director Reiner who brought down the house with a furious attack on Santorum for repeating one of Trump’s more egregious lies.

When Santorum defended Trump, comparing his constant lying to Hillary Clinton, Reiner blew up.

“No no no no,” Reiner exclaimed. “You just say a line like that, you just say it, and it’s not true!”

After Santorum claimed the FBI said Clinton lied, Reiner hit back, “Let’s talk about the FBI!”

“There was one email, “Reiner said with his voice rising. “One email that was not listed as classified — with a little tiny ‘c” — and James Comey said anybody could have missed that! Enough of that! Enough of that!”

Following furious cross talk, Santorum could be heard muttering, “They’re both flawed candidates.”

The show could have been promoted as the meathead and the pothead.

The corpulent Reiner – a flaming liberal nutbag – is like his consorts, doing everything in their power to defend Queen Hillary over her conduct (likely criminal) in the email scandal that the Obama regime abused it’s power in trying to quash. Maher’s program also featured Wikileaks’ Julian Assange who has promised the release of more incriminating emails including one that could lead to Hillary’s indictment. The liberals and their media attack dogs latched onto a yuuuge story when Assange joked that his organization was also looking to lay it’s hands on Trump’s tax returns but their passion quickly evaporated when Wikileaks came out and confirmed that he was only bullshitting:

It says a lot about what’s inside the noggins of liberals when they get their news from professional clowns like Maher, John Oliver and Jon Stewart and threat it as holy gospel. Maher is particularly noxious given his taste for drugs and debauchery and contempt for religion as well as spirited defense of such fascist matters as government surveillance. If being an asshole ever becomes a religion then Bill Maher would certainly qualify to be it’s pope.