There will be many disappointed fans at Fenway Park on Tuesday as the Boston Red Sox organization has announced that it won’t be giving away those special commemorative David Ortiz bobblehead dolls after all. The beloved Ortiz – or as he is known by his nickname “Big Papi” – is calling it a career this season after nearly two decades in the big leagues. The King Kong of the green monster has been a one-man wrecking crew against pitchers and is going out with three World Series rings and is a virtual lock for the Hall of Fame. The farewell tour was to have included tonight’s promotion with coveted Big Papi bobbleheads that were destined to become collector’s items but it was scrapped after team officials who inspected the items deemed the dolls to be ‘racially insensitive’ with no further explanation offered.

According to ESPN “Red Sox scrap ‘racially insensitive’ David Ortiz bobbleheads”:

Boston Red Sox fans who attend Tuesday night’s game against the New York Yankees will no longer receive David Ortiz bobbleheads.

The team promised to distribute Ortiz bobbleheads to the first 15,000 fans entering Fenway Park prior to Boston’s game against the Yankees, but Red Sox president Sam Kennedy said he elected to postpone the promotion after doing a quality check.

“I thought the bobbleheads were an inaccurate portrayal of David,” Kennedy said. “To go further, I thought the facial features were racially insensitive.”

The bobbleheads were made by Washington-based promotions company BDA Inc. An official with the company didn’t immediately respond for comment.

Kennedy said the team will now give out a new-look Ortiz bobblehead at a future date to anyone who has a ticket to Tuesday night’s game. In a statement, the Red Sox said they will announce details after the game.

The bobbleheads were more highly anticipated because Ortiz is retiring at the end of the season.

On Monday the Bosox tweeted out an image of a bobblehead that doesn’t at first glance appear to be offensive in any way.

Then came the bad news.

Considering today’s toxic climate of racial animosity thanks to a sustained campaign of race-baiting for political gain by Democratic party affiliated agents of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it was probably better to be safe than sorry. If the figurines were to have exaggerated features that often belong to stereotypes such as big lips, a bulging crotch or even an angry glare – which Big Papi is famous for – it could have rubbed some overly sensitive types the wrong way and perhaps set off unrest in the stands and mayhem immediate vicinity of the stadium. Hey, there’s always a good excuse to riot in Obamastan these days.

The team will still honor the promotion but at an undetermined later date after a new shipment of the Ortiz dolls passes inspection and are deemed to be sufficiently politically correct.