Were it not for the impenetrable sphere of media protection that surrounds Hillary it would be very entertaining to see her hoisted upon her own petard. While Mrs. Clinton gave a speech to adoring her following in Kissimmee, Florida on Tuesday, one of her fans was none other than Seddique Mateen. For those with short memories, Mr. Mateen happens to be the father of one Omar Mateen, the radical Islamic maniac who murdered nearly fifty people at an Orlando gay nightclub in June.

The mercenary media which has been totally in the bag for the establishment to derail the Trump revolution short of the White House, at first treated the news with the sound of crickets, choosing to manufacture scandals against the Republican nominee instead of cover it at all. Finally, after many conservative websites began to bring attention to Hillary’s very special guest, the queen herself pooh-poohed any suggestion that she had anything to do with it and rejected the senior Mateen’s presence.

According to ABC News “Clinton ‘Disavows’ Support From Father of Orlando Shooter”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign responded late Tuesday to criticism that she did not reject the support of Seddique Mateen — the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen — who made headlines earlier this week when he was seen sitting in the crowd at a Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

Earlier in the day, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump called on Clinton to denounce his presence at the campaign stop. “She did not disavow,” Trump told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. “If that were me, this would be a headline all over the world about Trump. But she did not, as I understand it, disavow this man. He’s got some pretty harsh views.”

Clinton’s campaign representative responded hours later, saying, “She disagrees with his views and disavows his support.”

Clinton had previously put out a statement calling the rally an “open-door event for the public,” and adding that, “This individual wasn’t invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event.”

But there is one big problem here – why is it that the media is ready to move on immediately despite months of propaganda and haranguing of Donald Trump over David Duke? Democrats and their media stooges rescued the infamous klansman and white nationalist from obscurity with their incessant badgering of Trump over Duke’s comments – which were rejected by Trump – and continues do do so. There is a gargantuan double standard at play here as with most of the coverage when it comes to Mrs. Clinton who despite her record of crooked and unethical conduct, on record foreign policy disasters during her tenure as Secretary of State and mountain of lies which are downplayed if not outright covered up by the media.

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter nails it in her column at Breitbart News “GOP Blames Victim of Media Rape”:

Trump is supposed to be joined at the hip to David Duke based on not “disavowing” him with sufficient ferocity the 17th time he was asked about this person he’s never met, never mentioned and didn’t invite to speak at his convention.

Hillary invited the mother of violent cop-hating criminal Mike Brown to speak at her convention, and the Democratic platform expressly endorses the anti-police Black Lives Matter — even as these celebrated cop haters inspire the mass slaughter of police officers across the country, in New York City, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Now we find out that another honored guest at Hillary events is the father of Omar Mateen, the Muslim jihadist who murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando a few months ago. On Monday night, he attended a Hillary rally where he sat cheering, right behind her on the stage.

Is David Duke’s father given VIP seating at Trump events? (As long as you mention it, did David Duke gun down 49 people in June? Or ever? Or anyone?)

It took the national media 24 hours to mention the fact that the jihadist’s father is a big Hillary supporter, sitting in the camera’s line of sight at her Florida rally. A Google search of Trump and David Duke produces more than 11 million hits. A Google search of Hillary and Omar Mateen gets a few hundred thousand hits.

Hillary’s being supported by the father of a jihadist is treated like back-page stuff, presented amid florid excuses and rationalizations. It was a staffer’s mistake, an “unforced error,” and Hillary’s opponents are “leaping on it.”

Look for the linkages of David Duke and Trump to continue right up until the day of the election while Hillary’s strange linkage to the elder Mateen is flushed down the memory hole.