Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is picking up right where he left off after he nearly single-handedly cost his team the Super Bowl six months ago. The dab-dancing, show-boating, smack-talking NFL MVP was exposed as a front-running, mouthy poseur by the Denver Broncos killer defense in Santa Clara back in February and despite those making excuses for him, proved what an ass clown that he continues to be during Thursday’s preseason opener.

While the games don’t really matter at this early stage what does matter is that Newton hasn’t learned a thing since his postgame snit that earned him the scorn of many in the sports world and his critics were blasted as racists for picking on Superscam Supercam. Blacktivist provocateur Shaun King – the mad mulatto – then used his New York Daily News column to launch a smear campaign against winning quarterback Peyton Manning in a proxy race war. The ever petulant Newton – a dude who needs to just grow up – participated in a bit of ass-shaking that resulted in a long interception return for a touchdown being called back after he was flagged for what would be an unforgivable brain fart had it occurred in a playoff game. reports “Cam Newton’s sideline celebration wipes out 95-yard touchdown”:

Cam Newton’s celebrations are in midseason form, which was an issue for the Panthers on Thursday night.

During the first quarter of Carolina’s preseason opener against the Ravens, linebacker A.J. Klein had a 95-yard touchdown return wiped out because Newton got a bit too excited.

The sixth-year signal caller ran out on the field as the play was going on, and was called for illegal substitution as a result. This is one of the penalties the league office will make a point of enforcing more this season.

“I just got too excited,” Newton told reporters after the Panthers fell, 22-19. “I was hoping they would give a warning.”

Cam still hasn’t been penalized for dabbing. Yet.

After the game Newton bellyached to reporters, grumbling that “I just got too excited, I was hoping they would give a warning” and “I don’t want to have a discussion about something that I’ve learned from”

Nobody likes a showoff and while Panthers head coach Ron Rivera defended Newton’s Super Bowl meltdown and crappy attitude he couldn’t have been pleased over that TD being overturned preseason or not.

The Panthers won’t be sneaking up on teams this year and Von Miller and the Broncos have given every defensive coordinator in the league the definitive blueprint of how to both shut down and shut up Mr. Newton.


The flamboyant quarterback shows up for the game – dude’s always looking to draw attention.