In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, Evan McMullin has lashed out at Donald Trump for not being a credible candidate. Who is Evan McMullin? He’s the Goldman Sachs connected former spook who was brought in as a third party candidate to undermine Trump in enough states to rig the election. In any other election year it’s difficult to imagine how an obscure third party candidate with zero national name recognition would receive national television time on the Sunday morning talk shows. This however is no ordinary year and the entire system has been mobilized against Trump and the millions of Americans who are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. The establishment is however fighting back and has the money and the media to torpedo Trump.

McMullin went on ABC’s This Week where he talked with Martha Raddatz and vowed that Trump would lose the election. According to Time magazine online “Evan McMullin Says Donald Trump Will Lose 2016 Election”:

‘It’s so likely that Donald Trump will lose, my entrance into the race doesn’t affect that’

Evan McMullin, the former Republican policy guru who launched an independent bid for presidency, said his campaign won’t hurt Donald Trump’s chances because the Republican nominee is going to lose.

“It’s so likely that Donald Trump will lose, my entrance into the race doesn’t affect that,” McMullin said during an appearance on ABC’s This Week, noting Trump’s recent campaign missteps.

Calling Trump a “not credible candidate,” McMullin pointed to low poll numbers and the Trump’s inability to “control what he says” to illustrate that Trump will lose whether McMullin entered the race or not.

“He’s never had to control what he says … it’s unrealistic to expect him to do that now,” McMullin said.

McMullin, who formerly served as a CIA operative and Republican House chief policy director, said his candidacy provides a change many citizens want, saying “82% of Americans think we’re on the wrong track.”

“I am the only candidate in this race now that has any firsthand experience fighting terrorism,” he said.

McMullin’s comments echoed his words when he announced his candidacy last week. In a letter on his campaign website, the candidate said he believed Americans need an alternative to Clinton and Trump.

Time Magazine has put out it’s most recent edition with a screamingly biased cover image of Trump that is in line with those that the magazine has previously published of Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. This sort of media involvement in what is supposed to be a democratic process is bizarre and unprecedented and makes one wonder whether the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird was truly shelved. Time and the CIA have a history of being cozy going back to the days of Henry Luce and Allen Dulles and as former Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein wrote in his 1977 expose on The CIA and the Media, the nation’s preeminent intelligence agency had been paying “journalists” to disseminate propaganda to a domestic audience.

Given McMullin’s background with both the 800-pound gorilla of Wall Street as well as the CIA it would seem to indicate that a coordinated effort is underway to rig the election in a manner normally seen in foreign countries deemed hostile to U.S. power.

Is the CIA actively working to stage what is essentially a domestic coup d’etat by ensuring that Hillary Clinton is installed in the White House?

According to columnist James Petras writing at the Unz Review, the war on Trump is unlike anything ever seen in America:

Washington has organized a systematic, global, no holds barred campaign to oust Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump from the electoral process. The virulent anti-Trump animus, the methods, goals and mass media resemble authoritarian regimes preparing to overthrow political adversaries.

Comparable propaganda efforts led to political coups in Chile in 1973, Brazil 1964, and Venezuela in 2002. The anti-Trump forces include both political parties, a Supreme Court judge, Wall Street bankers, journalists and editorialists of all the major media outlets and the leading military and intelligence spokespeople.

Washington’s forcible and illegal ouster of Trump is part and parcel of a world-wide campaign to overthrow leaders and regimes which raise questions about aspects of the imperial policies of the US and EU.


Never in the history of the United States, has a President and Supreme Court Judge openly advocated the overthrow of a Presidential candidate. Never has the entire mass media engaged in a round-the-clock one-sided, propaganda war to discredit a Presidential candidate by systematically ignoring or distorting the central socio-economic issues of their opposition.

The call for the ouster of a freely elected candidate is nothing more or less than a coup d’état.

Leading television networks and columnists demand that the elections be annulled, following the lead of the President and prominent Republican and Democratic Congressional and Party leaders.

In other words, the political elite openly rejects democratic electoral processes in favor of authoritarian manipulation and deception. The authoritarian elite relies on magnifying tertiary, questionable personal judgement calls to mobilize coup backers.

They systematically avoid the core economic and political issues which candidate Trump has raised – and attracted mass support – which challenge fundamental policies backed by the two Party elites.

The primary process has clearly shown that American democracy is a farce. The Democrats openly sought to undermine one of their own candidates in Bernie Sanders which was exposed by the Wikileaks DNC email release that has been blamed on the Russians by the media and the Democrats despite no concrete evidence. The GOP primaries were marred by ongoing efforts to coerce delegates to overturn the will of voters, major party figures refusing to support their own presumptive nominee as well as a last ditch effort to topple Trump during the Cleveland convention. Trump survived but the odds are very long that he will be able to survive what due to the presence of McMullin, has more than a faint resemblance to a CIA operation of the type normally conducted abroad.

The word for this is fascism and this time it’s carrying a flag and wearing a pantsuit.