For those conspiracy theorists who have suspected that the Republican establishment has cut a power-sharing deal with Hillary Clinton, a new report appears to substantiate that crazy idea. Politico is out with a major story on how the Republican National Committee (RNC) is preparing to withdraw it’s financial support from Donald Trump in an unprecedented act of sabotage of the party’s own nominee. There are trillions of dollars (TPP, amnesty, war and Wall Street) and untold careers for establishment operatives at stake in this election and Trump represents an existential threat to the corrupt status quo – he must not be allowed to win the election.

The RNC and Trump have had a rocky relationship ever since the bombastic billionaire outsider roared into the race last summer and then methodically worked his way through the sixteen aspirants touted as the greatest field in the history of the primaries. Of course the system was supposed to produce the desired result of the Bush family retaking the White House but Trump trampled and humiliated the sad, bespectacled jellyfish John Ellis Bush aka Jeb! culminating in an evisceration of the Bush legacy during the infamous Republican debate in South Carolina. Bush dropped out of the race shortly thereafter and Trump dispatched the rest of the vaunted field as well as fended off a convention coup by the Never Trumpers.

The establishment – being the bipartisan insider stacked cabal that it is – then shifted to backing Hillary Clinton, the only remaining alternative in what was a win-win battle of political dynasties until Trumpzilla stomped in and trashed the party. Now all that remains is to get rid of the meddlesome Trump and the combination of an uncanny media propaganda campaign as well as the yanking of funds and support from the candidate will probably do the trick.

The article is entitled “RNC considers cutting cash to Trump” with the subtitle GOP officials lay the groundwork to blame their nominee if Clinton wins, from which I excerpt the following:

Publicly, Republican Party officials continue to stand by Donald Trump. Privately, at the highest levels, party leaders have started talking about cutting off support to Trump in October and redirecting cash to saving endangered congressional majorities.

Since the Cleveland convention, top party officials have been quietly making the case to political journalists, donors and GOP operatives that the Republican National Committee has done more to help Trump than it did to support its 2012 nominee Mitt Romney and that, therefore, Trump has only himself and his campaign to blame for his precipitous slide in the polls, according to people who have spoken with Republican leadership.

Sean Spicer, the RNC’s top strategist, on Wednesday made that case to 14 political reporters he convened at the organization’s Capitol Hill headquarters for an off-the-record conversation about the election.

According to several people who attended, Spicer spent much of the session detailing all the RNC resources that have been deployed to swing states and how the party’s infrastructure is stronger than it has ever been.


Spicer emphasized that RNC chairman Reince Priebus has been working aggressively to coach Trump into being a more disciplined candidate, calling the nominee “five or six times a day,” according to another person present at last week’s closed-door meeting.

According to sources close to Priebus, the chairman has warned that if Trump does not better heed this persistent advice to avoid dust-ups driven by his rhetoric, the RNC might not be able to help him as much – suggesting the money and ground resources might be diverted.

To this point, Spicer has suggested a mid-October deadline for turning the presidential campaign around, suggesting last week to reporters and in separate discussions with GOP operatives that it would cause serious concern inside the RNC if Trump were to remain in a weakened position by then.

Operatives close to the RNC leadership, who have heard this argument from party leadership, say the committee might have to make a decision about pulling the plug on Trump before that.

“Early voting in Ohio starts in a few weeks, there’s a 45-day window for absentee voters, so mid-September would probably be the latest the RNC could redeploy assets and have any real impact,” said an RNC member privately: “The only thing you could change in mid-October would be to shift some TV ads, maybe try to prop up Senate candidates in tough races like [Rob] Portman, [Marco] Rubio and [Pat] Toomey.”

One high-level Republican strategist added: “The party committee has this same job every cycle, to employ limited resources to maximum effect at the ballot box … And that means not pouring precious resources into dysfunctional, non-cooperative losing campaigns.”

The piece can be read in it’s entirety here.

Once the RNC pulls the plug on Trump it’s highly likely that current chairman Reince Priebus will also be dumped in what will be a Night of the Long Knives style purge. There are already whispers that longtime GOPe insider and former Ted Cruz running mate Carly Fiorina will get the gig.

According to Fox News “Carly’s comeback? Fiorina reportedly eyeing run for RNC chair”:

Former Hewlett Packard CEO and 2016 presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina is reportedly eyeing up a new political run – this time to replace Reince Priebus as chair of the Republican National Committee – although some fear her refusal to back Donald Trump may hurt her chances.

Fiorina, who was largely seen as an unlikely candidate for the GOP nomination when she announced her candidacy last year, surprised many commentators with a strong run.

In particular, a moment at the September debate in California, in which Fiorina implored President Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch leaked videos that described controversial practices at Planned Parenthood, resonated with Republican voters and saw her briefly surge near the top of the pack in some polls. Her numbers later fizzled and she dropped out after a disappointing showing in the New Hampshire primary in February.

Fiorina has been spending the time since then campaigning for Republican House and Senate candidates, and has not endorsed Trump.

A number of outlets, including Time and Politico, reported Tuesday that the Fiorina is mulling a bid to replace Priebus after the November election – and is reaching out to state party chairs offering to help “in any way” as a way of laying the groundwork for a run.

Time reported that domain names and were bought up at the same time in July.

The ascension of Fiorina would be a reassertion of control by the Bush-Romney forces although they would be faced with millions of voters who will understand just how democracy was thwarted after the election was decided in a series of back room deals instead of at the ballot box. The hope is that Trump supporters who insist on putting America first will be marginalized and frustrated enough to put out the torches and bury the pitchforks and fall in line for another run at Hillary in four years.

The GOP establishment is counting on emerging from the Trump revolution relatively unscathed and with it’s agenda largely intact. Never mind that handing of the keys to the White House over to Hillary will allow her to pack the Supreme Court in a way that will forever alter the course of history and dismantle what remains of the Constitution. Matters of principle are irrelevant to the hyenas running the show, at the end of the day it’s all about saving their own asses and locking down their lucrative careers. The country itself can go straight to Hell, at least that’s the message being sent by the RNC with it’s cutting and running on it’s own nominee.