For the second night in a row, angry black militants took to the streets in Milwaukee to burn down their own neighborhood and wage war on whitey. While the mayhem wasn’t on a level with Saturday when reports of thugs hunting white motorists there was still violence and at least one reported shooting. The anarchists that are terrorizing America have been strangely dormant as of late but that ended after police shot down a young criminal named Sylville Smith who was on a collision course with the law. The mobs then took to the streets despite Smith’s history of trouble and once again discredited any cause that they may have been trying to promote by resorting to violence against cops and property and by elevating a thug into a martyr.

According to CNN “Shots fired in second night of Milwaukee protests”:

For a second night, violent protests rocked Milwaukee over the police shooting of an armed African-American man. At least two people were injured after shots were fired and objects hurled during the protest early Monday, police said.

One victim was shot during the Monday unrest and rushed to a hospital in an armored vehicle. A police officer was injured and also taken to the hospital after a rock broke the windshield of a squad car, according to Milwaukee Police. The damage was not as extensive as the protests from the previous night.

The death of Sylville Smith, 23, triggered unrest hours after his killing on Saturday as protesters torched six businesses, including a gas station, burned cars and threw rocks at officers. During the first night of protests, four officers were injured and 17 people were arrested, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

Protests resumed Sunday and carried into early Monday morning as protesters began swarming a Milwaukee police station, blocking the street.

Later on, shots rang out in three different locations, all within close proximity, according to police. A squad car was pelted with bricks, rocks and glass bottles. Another car was also set aflame during Monday’s fracas.

The media has largely minimized the shocking explosion of violence and there is the sound of crickets from the Hillary Clinton campaign, although one notorious race-baiter took to Twitter to pour gasoline on the fire:

It would seem that Mr. King is either shamefully exploiting the situation or with his comment that “America is a little more injustice away from being like Milwaukee last night” making an implied threat that some may construe it as an incitement to riot. Authorities should start paying more attention to this guy who always pops up at the most opportune times to stir the pot.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has authorized the use of the National Guard to help quell the violence and hopefully their presence will discourage the social chaos warriors who never miss capitalizing on any excuse to loot, burn and pillage.