An LGBT activist group is planning to join Queen Hillary’s drive to demonize gun owners with a campaign of civil disobedience targeting the firearms industry. The effort will be undertaken by Gays Against Guns (what is a more apropos acronym than GAG?) which is a newly formed group looking to exploit the rampage of Muslim fanatic Omar Mateen to push an anti-gun agenda. Liberals don’t dare look into the real reasons behind Mateen’s murder of 49 people in the Pulse gay nightclub out of fear that it would alienate key demographics. Per the standard operating procedure they just blame everything on guns instead of a certain primitive religion and it’s tendency to turn people into murderous maniacs.

The Guardian reports “Gays Against Guns: civil disobedience campaign to target gun companies”:

Hundreds of gay activists will begin a campaign of civil disobedience and direct action against gun companies and their supporters on Monday, to demand an end to the epidemic of gun violence blighting the US.

Members of Gays Against Guns, a group formed in the wake of the massacre of 49 people at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando earlier this summer, said they would “no longer stand by and watch the gun industry profit from death”.

Organizers of the collective, which has more than 300 members in New York and chapters in nine other cities across the country, said they were prepared to break the law and get arrested in their fight against gun manufacturers, their shareholders, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its corporate backers.

Ken Kidd, who is helping lead the group’s direct action campaign, which kicks off on Monday, said GAG would go much further than other gun control pressure groups, such as the Brady campaign and Everytown, by “targeting not only politicians, but other baddies that work with the killing machine”.

It is without even a touch of irony that Mr. Kid is denouncing the “killing machine” which would be one hell of a good description of Mrs. Clinton after her Libyan regime change catastrophe contributed to the rise of ISIS.

Also of note is that the timing of the formation of GAG which should bring up questions as to whether this grass roots group is really just another of the Clinton machine’s Astroturf proxies.

The liberal war on the Second Amendment is raging now and law-abiding defenders of the Second Amendment are under attack as never before in U.S. history with the new trend being the morphing of the forced diversity agenda into a gun grabbing force to be reckoned with.