While the corrupt Clinton cheerleading media has been relatively silent over Donald Trump’s calling out Hillary’s bigotry of pandering to blacks, that isn’t the case with New York Times columnist Charles Blow. The veteran racial bomb thrower absolutely threw a fit over Trump’s attempt to reach out to African American voters and spewed his venom in a burst of racist bile making the case for why all blacks just hate the Republican party nominee. It’s certainly a blanket statement and like the Clinton crime family’s disingenuous siren song to black voters is probably pretty damned insulting to a lot of folks who don’t dare speak up out of fear.

Blow absolutely blew a gasket in his unhinged screed entitled “Why Blacks Loathe Trump”:

So now Donald Trump is campaigning for the black vote. (Long, awkward pause.)

Like so much of what Trump has said and done, this new outreach forces writers like me to conduct scatological studies, framing Trump’s actions in their historical and intellectual absurdity.

But, here we go.

Trump, who got a shocking 1 percent of support among black voters in a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, has been urged to reach out to black voters.

A day after The New York Times published an article pointing out that “the Republican nominee has not held a single event aimed at black voters in their communities, shunning the traditional stops at African-American churches, historically black colleges and barber shops and salons that have long been staples of the presidential campaign trail,” Trump ventured to a suburban town outside Milwaukee that is 95 percent white and 1 percent black to tell the black population of America — a population that has been consumed in recent years by a discussion of police misconduct and extrajudicial killings — that “the problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police.”

The speech was tone deaf, facile and nonsensical, much like the man who delivered it.

The column is a litany of horseshit oppo research tropes that have been used to portray the billionaire outsider as a full blown white supremacist – the majority of it on the same level with the David Duke horseshit that despite it’s ineffectiveness, continues to be dragged out at least once a month. The very angry black man goes on to blast Trump’s bringing on board of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon and links to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch to make his case that Breitbart is a hate site along the lines of Stormfront. However, Blow fails to disclose that the SPLC’s very funding and continued existence is totally dependent on conjuring up phantoms of neo-Nazis, bigots in high places, closet KKK’ers and other figments of the far left’s imagination as bogeymen. Media stooges like the author are always eager to provide free advertising whenever they can drop the organization’s name in order to fit their own agendas.

Then within hours of making that speech, Trump shook up his campaign in part by naming Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, the campaign’s chief executive.

This is the same Breitbart that the Southern Poverty Law Center referred to in an April “Hatewatch” report:

“Over the past year however, the outlet has undergone a noticeable shift toward embracing ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right. Racist ideas. Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas — all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘Alt-Right.’”

The report continued:

“The Alt-Right is a loose set of far-right ideologies at the core of which is a belief that “white identity” is under attack through policies prioritizing multiculturalism, political correctness and social justice and must be preserved, usually through white-identified online communities and physical ethno-states.”

This rant is just unbelievable and be read in it’s entirety here (if you can stomach it) that is. Blow has a serious set of stones in looking to affix a stigma of white supremacy to Breitbart News, a website that I personally visit regularly and consider to be a hell of a lot more reliable source for information than the New York Times which has become a megaphone for warmongering liars and pro-Hillary propaganda as well as over-the-top hit pieces against Trump.

I must admit that until about a month ago I’d never even heard of the so-called Alt-Right but after seeing the term come up repeatedly in the virulent agitprop that liberal fascists have been putting out I went on to do a bit of research. This is the category that every single opponent of the Democrats and the Clinton occupying government will be lumped into if Hillary wins the election and she can unleash the full power of the state against political dissent. It’s so inclusive and far-reaching a definition that anyone reading this will be caught up in the net and that is exactly the intent. Pay heed dear readers because Mrs. Clinton has nurtured a two-decades running hard on for that “vast right-wing conspiracy” and as POTUS – God forbid – she will have the power to launch a Stalinist reign of terror.

Blow probably gets a chubby over the prospects of the big jackboot of forced diversity stomping up and down on everyone that he disagrees with and their right to free speech. That’s how these pigs think and there is no way to hide the rising tide of authoritarianism within the ranks of the Democrats and their media whores.

But nothing quite rankles the Clinton machine and racial animosity peddlers like Charles Blow than the idea that millions of black Americans just may dig what Trump is preaching this time.