To much media fanfare it has been announced that the money laundering, influence peddling racket that is the Clinton Foundation will cease accepting foreign bribes donations if Hillary is elected as POTUS. It’s one more sign that despite the relentless attacks on Donald Trump and the pushing of suspect polls showing a Hillary landslide in November, that there is an ominous sense of dread present within the Clinton crime family. Recent reports that the Clinton Foundation may have been hacked feed concerns over another email dump by Wikileaks or some other activist organization. Such a thing could deliver a crushing blow to Mrs. Clinton’s White House hopes and has her advance damage control team scrambling.

The Hill reports that “Clinton Foundation won’t accept foreign money if Hillary wins”:

The Clinton Foundation will no longer accept corporate and foreign donations if Hillary Clinton becomes president, according to The Associated Press.

Former President Bill Clinton announced the plan to staffers Thursday, the AP said, citing anonymous participants at the meeting. A formal announcement is expected soon.

Under the proposed changes, the family’s charitable group would only accept donations from U.S. citizens and independent charities.

Bill Clinton said the foundation will continue its work and would refocus its efforts after an overhaul that could take a year. He added that the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual summit that brings together influential world leaders, would hold its final meeting next month in New York City regardless of the election’s outcome.

Clinton also said he would also step down from the board of the foundation, according to the report. He was accompanied daughter Chelsea Clinton at the meeting.

The changes to the foundation come amid growing questions about how it would operate during a potential Hillary Clinton presidency.

The organization’s funding and work during Clinton’s time as secretary of State has been subject to controversy that has dogged her campaign.

Critics have scrutinized the foundation’s ties to wealthy donors and foreign interests, raising questions about their influence over the Clintons and policy. In one email, a longtime Clinton aide asked officials at State to “take care” of a foundation donor.

Foreign donations to the foundation were restricted when Hillary Clinton was secretary of State, requiring approval from an ethics office at State.

One has to chuckle at the references to “ethics” after it was reported that while serving as Secretary of State that no record exists that neither she nor her top aides completed their required ethics courses. Not that this should come as a surprise to those who are wise to the Clintons’ act over the years, nor is it inconsistent with the perception that there are a separate set of rules for Bill and Hillary who seem to be above the law. It’s too little too late for the rejection of pay for play schemes, at least according to a statement released by RNC boss Reince Priebus.

The propaganda arms of the Clinton campaign will sing the praises of this new openness but will never pose the question as to why it was acceptable for the Clinton Foundation to accept foreign payola while Mrs. Clinton was presiding over the State Department and in position to use her influence to open doors for those writing checks. Talk about a deathbed conversion.