A “mook” – at least as defined by Meriam-Webster online dictionary – is a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person. This description fits Hillary Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook to a tee and never was it more evident than on today’s Sunday morning McNews shows. Mook doubled-down on the new wave of Democratic party red-baiting with more baseless allegations that Republican nominee Donald Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin, an audacious claim that wasn’t met with the ridicule that it is deserving of by Clinton family ass-kissers the likes of George Stephanopoulos.

As reported by Politico “Clinton campaign manager calls Trump a Kremlin puppet”:

The campaign manager for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook, faced tough questions on Sunday about the Clinton Foundation’s decision to stop taking corporate and foreign donations if Clinton wins the White House.

Mook’s response: Dodge the questions and go on offense, accusing Republican rival Donald Trump of being a Kremlin puppet.

On ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, the host pressed Mook on why it was OK for the Clinton Foundation to accept corporate and foreign donations when she was secretary of state but not if she becomes president.

Mook provided no clear answer and instead raised questions about Trump’s own financial dealings.

“Donald Trump is refusing to disclose deep financial ties that potentially reach into the Kremlin, which could influence his foreign policy decisions,” Mook said. “None of this is being disclosed.”

Earlier on the show, he had said there were “real questions being raised about whether Donald Trump himself is just a puppet for the Kremlin in this race.”

“I would also point out that Paul Manafort has been pushed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Russians have been pushed out of this campaign,” Mook added, pointing to Trump’s criticisms of NATO. “We now need Donald Trump to explain to us the extent to which the hand of the Kremlin is at the core of his own campaign.”

The Friday resignation of Paul Manafort was a big blow to the Clinton propaganda machine which had spent the better part of a week cultivating a narrative that the former Trump campaign boss – through his lobbying work for the overthrown Ukraine government of Viktor Yanukovych – was a pawn of Putin. What was conveniently left out is that the firm of the brother of Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta was also implicated in dealings with the deposed Kiev regime.

It was Mook who originally went on Sunday morning television last month to distract from the information disclosed by the leak of hacked DNC computers by pulling the Russian involvement angle out of his ass which worked like a dream for Hillary.

Look for Democrats and their pocket media whores to continue to float rumors about Trump’s sinister ties to the Kremlin and not once be called out for a failure to offer up any proof to back up their torrent of hogwash.