As former Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin once famously remarked “death solves all problems, no man no problem”, a piece of advice that has much value to powerful backers of Hillary Clinton. It’s no secret that the Clinton crime syndicate is terrified of an upcoming Wikileaks data dump that could contain the smoking gun from Hillary’s emails. The whistleblower organization’s leader Julian Assange has alluded to such an email and in doing so has put his life at risk, considering the long body trial that has marked the Clintons’ rise to power he has reason to be worried.

Now comes the news that an intruder was foiled by security in the wee hours of the morning  after scaling the wall of the Ecuadoran embassy in London where Assange has been cooling his heels for the last four years:

It is an ominous development to say the least although a real pro wouldn’t have been so easily caught. Perhaps it was just a message being sent or an overzealous fan but it’s safe to say that the establishment that has staked it’s continued existence on the Clinton restoration wants to see future leaks of damaging information contained.

Assange is numero uno on the Clinton kill list and needs to release all incriminating documentation very quickly before he ends up like Vince Foster and the others.