Hillary Clinton is a walking, talking poster gal for all that is wrong with today’s political process. The Democrat nominee continues to attend fundraisers and is on track to rake in a mind-blowing one billion dollars in graft. People don’t give away that kind of dough without expecting something in return and as is evident with the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is for sale to special interests who could care less about the average American voter. The pro-Clinton media treats this as normal instead of damning evidence of a system that is rotten to the core with corruption or as former president Jimmy Carter recently put it : “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” – the media didn’t report on that either.

The Associated Press reports “Clinton campaign halfway to $1 billion fundraising goal”:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is halfway to its goal of raising a billion dollars for the 2016 race, according to her finance director.

Dennis Cheng announced the achievement on Thursday in a meeting with staff at the campaign’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, according to a campaign aide who was present for the meeting but wasn’t authorized to discuss internal campaign strategy and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Her campaign has resisted publicizing a fundraising target for the general election, fearing it would draw attention to big donors at a time when voters angry about the role of money in politics. She aimed to raise $100 million for her primary bid.

Clinton raised $90 million for her campaign and Democratic party committees in July, according to finance reports released on Saturday. She’s maintained a staff of about 700 for months, opened up offices across the country and already spent $67 million on general election ads. This week, she’ll spend at least $10 million more on ads.

GOP rival Donald Trump raised $80 million for his campaign and the Republican party, including a $2 million contribution from Trump himself. He’s kept his payroll to about 70 employees, only began airing ads in recent days and has not undertaken a significant operational buildout across the country. Instead, nearly half the money he spent in July went to one web design firm, whose president is the campaign’s director of digital marketing.

Clinton’s campaign is in the midst of a fundraising blitz, with 43 events planned in 14 states over the next two weeks, according to a schedule obtained by The Associated Press.

That Hillary is targeting a billion dollars is obscene and a good chunk of that will be used for a pre-election propaganda bombardment which will be as filled with lies as the Clinton crime family’s coffers are filled with dirty money. Just this weekend Mrs. Clinton – who refused to go to Louisiana to assist with flood relief – hit the tony enclaves of Martha’s Vineyard and took a break from schmoozing with the high-rollers to make a pilgrimage to an event held by Lynn Forester de Rothschild of the infamous Rothschild banking family.

That is exactly who Hillary represents – the banking cartels and the greedy corporations that are as addicted to offshoring jobs as junkies are to crack cocaine. The Democrats have become the party of the elite and there is no amount of money that won’t be spent to defeat Trump and put down the rebellion of voters against a system rigged and rotten. Despite it’s reliance on the ultra-wealthy, Team Hillary continues to trot out old broke-dick Bernie to convince his supporters that his socialist revolution is going to live on in the form of a Clinton regime. Hillary is also warning of “complacency” in order to shake down the suckers on the lower end of the totem poll for more of their coin as well.

Some Dems are however beginning to grip over the relentless pursuit of Clinton cash, at least according to a Politico story entitled “Democrats fret over timing of Clintons’ charity fete”:

Hundreds of corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities will pile into a Manhattan ballroom to hobnob with Bill and Chelsea Clinton next month at their charity’s keynote annual event — just days before Hillary Clinton defends herself against pay-to-play accusations from Donald Trump in their first debate.

The 12th and final annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative will showcase its philanthropic work and also the Democratic nominee’s greatest potential vulnerability — her ties to a sprawling global charity that has accepted donations from Middle Eastern governments, foreign businessmen with checkered histories and major corporations with business before the government.

Some Democratic operatives say they’re dismayed by the timing of the three-day conference Sept. 19-21 — a week before the first national debate and seven weeks before Election Day. They say it’s inevitable that having two members of the former and perhaps future first family rubbing shoulders with the well-heeled and well-connected will provide fresh ammunition to the Republican campaign, even as Hillary Clinton is off honing rebuttals to charges that donors got special consideration from the government while she was Secretary of State.

“Some might suggest that the Clinton Global Initiative is simply a glitzy week of highlighting troubling donors,” said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “Others will see it as an annual event highlighting distinctive international issues. In the debate, Trump will see it as ammunition to batter the Democrat.”

“The timing is obviously not good,” said one Clinton veteran, adding that it was probably unavoidable. “These events get planned months and months and months in advance and canceling it on short notice is not possible.”

While the Clinton Foundation’s big shindig should offer up a timely reminder on who it is that Queen Hillary will actually serve, the media can be counted on to provide cover as it always does. This is why it is of the utmost importance that Trump seizes on the opportunity to use the debates as a referendum on the pay-for-play system itself and to use her money-mongering as a club to beat her over the head with in front of a yuuuge national television audience. Hillary can duck press conferences but there will be no place to hide on the debate stage.

Meanwhile, the insatiable Clinton money machine continues to feast.